The 8 hour NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home class will be offered at Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club (CFRPC) in Orlando, FL on Saturday, February 20th from 8:00am until about 5:30 pm (including break for lunch).

It is assumed that the student already possesses a working knowledge of handguns and gun safety. Prospective students should have completed at least one of the following: NRA Basic Pistol or NRA First Steps Pistol course, Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, Military DD-214, or complete a pre-course assessment before taking this class. Contact the instructor (wagneth-at if you are interested in the class, but need an assessment to determine if you are ready.

This class satisfies the firearms training requirement for the Florida concealed weapons permit, and is a prerequisite for the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home class which will also be offered at CFRPC in March and July 2010. If you already have your CWP but want a greater depth of training in defensive use of a firearm, this is a great class to consider. The class includes a module on Florida self-defense law taught by a Florida-licensed attorney/credentialed law enforcement officer, as well as defensive shooting techniques practiced on a live range.

Topics covered in Class:
• Introduction to Defensive Shooting
• Basic Defensive Handgun Skills (incl. about 3 hours of range time)
• Firearms and the Law: Possession, Ownership, Use of Deadly Force
• Strategies for Home Safety & Responding to a Violent Confrontation
• Selecting a Handgun for Self-Defense
• Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities

Gear: Required - Centerfire handgun, 100 rounds ammunition minimum (125-150 recommended),extra magazines or speedloaders for your pistol, eye and hearing protection. We may be able to rent you an appropriate handgun if you do not have one.
Optional - Extra magazines (semi-auto) or speedloaders (revolvers) for your handgun.
Gun cleaning kit and supplies, hat and sun block, water, pen / pencil / note paper, rain gear (if needed).

Course Cost: $150.00, which includes 8 hours of instruction and an official NRA student course packet, including your own copy of the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home book. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the class.

Club information and directions:

For class registration information, please email inquiry to wagneth-at-
Life Member NRA, Member GOA, JFPFO, Unified Sportsmen of Florida. NRA-certified instructor.