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The Range

This is a discussion on The Range within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just looking for feedback on how often DC folks visit the range, what yardage is used for practice, and opinions on when you feel..... "Proficient"...

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Thread: The Range

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    The Range

    Just looking for feedback on how often DC folks visit the range, what yardage is used for practice, and opinions on when you feel..... "Proficient"

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    I consider being able to hit an eight inch paper plate under all circumstance good enough. What ever the range I can accomplish this at is my maximum range for that particular weapon. This is something I was taught as a bow hunter and I adopted it for my standard with handguns.
    I practice from point blank to 50 yards. For me, if can comfortably shoot at longer range the close range stuff is easy.
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    Practice range is everything from point-blank to 50-75 feet. Not necessarily all on the same day though. If you are starting out, I would suggest staying inside of the old 7 yard rule until you feel confident in your abilities and then move out in small degrees. For me 50-75 feet is about as far as I want to trust my skills with any handgun.

    Frequency is a matter of personal motivation, time availability and economics. I'm a range-rat. I will go anytime I can. Time availability and economics keep me to 3-4 times a month.

    Proficiency is another personal matter. Assuming you can get rounds on target, the size of your groups and speed at which they arrive is what you are interested in. It is where you are comfortable in your shooting. Is it a 5" group at 21'? Or, maybe a 2" group at 75'? That is up to the individual. It's your life on the line, not mine.

    Just my $.02.

    Good luck.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I go to the range on average once a month and practice with each of the guns I routinely carry, Glock 27, 22, XD .45 Compact, S&W 642 and LCP. I did dig out my 20 year old Ruger 6" .22 auto and shoot it on the last few trips, just to save a few pennies on ammo. Sort of forgot how much fun shooting a .22 can be...

    I usually work on defensive accuracy skills out to 7 yards.

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    Usually once to twice a month I go to the range. Depending on what range I go to determines the type of training.

    My outdoor range allows drawing from a holster, moving drills. Getting off the "X", failure drills, etc. Usually the distances range from point blank to 7 yards.

    The indoor range I go to is for trigger control and practicing for accuracy. I"d say distances are from 3 yards to 10 yards.

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    Once every 2 weeks. Sometimes just to target shoot and play around with 22s. Sometime with 380, 38, or 12g. With 380 and 38 I see no sense in shooting at any target more than 7 yards away---wasting my time since, g-d forbid I needed either firearm, it would not be beyond that distance in my home or outside. I will point shoot practice with 380 and 38 at no more than 3-5 yards; again, I envision point shoot use at probably less than 2 yds so if I am good at 3-5, I'm better at 2. At the end of a session, if I have the 12g with me, I "clean out" the target at 5-7 yds with 00 and/or slugs. 12g is dedicated to house and my planned scenario would put its use at max 5 yds, once they open my bedroom door, and I say bye bye.

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    Every week, 15 to 30 feet.

    I dont see me defensively shooting beyond that distance....if I had to, it would be likely from behind cover/conc and I'd have time to really aim. If not, I'd be outta there or trapped and be waiting for threat to come closer and use that to my advantage.

    For proficiency? 6 inch groups at those distances...."in varied conditions", meaning the stuff I get to practice in action shooting practice, not just standing perfectly shooting paper.
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    Great info guys! Ive shot handguns for years and years but have recently decided to CC.........(man the wait for the permit is painfully agonizing.... Its good to get the realistic info and practice accordingly. Ive been shooting at 5, and 10 yards as well as trying varying types of ammo (grains / suppliers). Some subtle differences but not much for me at these distances. I guess it still just boils down to a comfy gun, and practice, practice, practice.

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