Gun v. Knife

Gun v. Knife

This is a discussion on Gun v. Knife within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I forgot which thread had the 21 feet-Tueller discussion. I found this little video which is VERY telling Gun v. Knife...

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Thread: Gun v. Knife

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    Gun v. Knife

    I forgot which thread had the 21 feet-Tueller discussion. I found this little video which is VERY telling

    Gun v. Knife
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
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    Telling indeed Miggy!!!

    It shows so well the need to keep distance whenever possible - and also I noticed how the draw was from the standing position with no side movement. Stationary target - not good.

    I more and more realize that if faced with a charging knife attacker then moving at 45º or so while drawing has to be a good move, if only to get attacker off guard a bit and give maybe a half second more for bringing gun into play.

    No blocking move either by weak arm - tho heck - not that easy without getting cut.


    Afterthought - got to thinkin' and if you imagine a grown guy making a knife attack/advance - it is very likely that each stride can be a full six feet - think of even four of those let alone three - and count, ''one, two, three and four'' fairly quickly - that is the time frame and 8 yards covered.
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    IMO if I was one of the officers I would have side stepped to give myself a seccond or 2 against the BG. But in all honesty I wouldn't be going for my gun in that situation. The Gun is a distance defense. I forget what the actual name for the defense against someone with a knife is called but basically you make an X with your arms and grab with one and punch, break bones, or what ever with the other.

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    Thats why I was taught to have a seven yard "safe zone", when I was trained for my G class licence.

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    Wow i would not like to defend agasinst that guy. Something we all need to get a buddy and practise ( I use a airsoft. You can get a exact replica for like $10 on ebay, plus it makes noise when you pull the trigger and you have no chance of accidently killing your buddy)
    And most likely you won't be expecting an attack so you will be even slower and the bg might be even closer.
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    First, the best way to avoid a train is to get off the track. Once he starts side step. Secondly, a snub nose is quicker on the draw because it has less real estate to cover when coming out of say an open top holster. Specifically, I use a fobus and feel that I could have side stepped increase my distance from him and shot or sprayed. Now, mind you I may have still got cut, but I think less leathal. Moreover, with a snub you can get real close and personal and not worry about a jam.
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    BlueLion, you make an interesting point. The shorter the barrel, the faster it is to get it horizontal out of the holster.
    Having said that, the guy who taught me martial arts used to regularly run me over with whatever he had in his hands... or with nothing at all from about 20 feet. That really made an impression on me that some close distance doesn't necessarily mean a greater threat. If a bad guy is 30 feet away, and if I don't have a vehicle between us, I'd better be very, very fast and accurate.
    My wife carries two S&W 642s and is really good with getting them running at close distances. Probably better than me. Knives up close are one theoretical situation that I think about a lot.
    I really do need more training......

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    The skilled knife attacker scares me more then the gun. I have seen some horrific knife wounds, and would most certainly cap a knife wielding advisory within the excepted 21' minimum distance.

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