The Fundamentals

In Point Shooting Progressions, Roger Phillips presented a complete and solid program for integration of existing sighted fire and point shooting systems. The idea was not to develop a point shooter, nor a shooter that uses the sights, but rather to create a totally versatile shooter that could thrive in any combative environment and use the techniques he needed to use to prevail.

In Introduction To Point Shooting, Roger takes a step back and delves deeper into the methodology of point shooting. He discusses the methods of the old time gunmen as well as the variations of single hand, two hands, partial extension, elbow up-elbow down, and the all important visual issues that will develop the viewers point shooting skills. Filmed on location in the chilly Arizona winter wilderness, with assistance from the various Suarez International Point Shooting Instructors, this DVD will inevitably become a classic companion to Roger's earlier work. If you ever wanted to know how to point shoot, or to add that skill set to your bag of tricks, here is how you do it.

Approximately 90 Minutes

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