Training for off-body carry

Training for off-body carry

This is a discussion on Training for off-body carry within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those who choose to carry off-body (purse, etc.), or are considering doing so - Post #1 and #15 of should be reviewed for ...

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Thread: Training for off-body carry

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    Training for off-body carry

    For those who choose to carry off-body (purse, etc.), or are considering doing so - Post #1 and #15 of should be reviewed for a good training idea. The thought is to get one of those my-toddler-is-more-than-10-feet-from-me alarms, and put the noisemaker in a pocket and the transmitter in the purse/bag. With no gun in the purse/bag, you could get a really good idea of how 'religious' you are about keeping it with you. The knowledge you gain could suggest a change in behavior... or demonstrate that you are a responsible purse/bag carrier.

    Thanks to Ringside for the idea and Mersichino for the training application!

    Note to readers: please don't turn this into a "should I carry on- or off-body" thread, as that has been heavily debated elsewhere. This is for the person who has already decided (wisely or unwisely) to consider it.
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    Using Media Portrayals as Discussion Points for Off-Body Carry Training?

    I was originally going to post this in a busy thread about problems with gun-use as portrayed in movies and tv. On reflection while editing, it seems more appropriate in a discussion about off-body carry and training.

    Forgive me if this isn't a good place for this post.

    In the movie The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock, she is portrayed as a loving, caring, wealthy, tough cookie who gets her way seemingly always, who takes an "orphan" into her home and goes on an interesting journey with him, taking her family along for the ride.

    She's a woman who appears fully capable of defending herself, against her friends' attitudes about her choices, as well as against all other comers. She's also a woman who dresses like you might expect a wealthy Southerner with high-society ties, charitable interests, etc. to have. Body-hugging, quality fabric styles, heels, expensive leather accessories, belts with tucked-in blouses, etc. Nowhere in the movie does she appear to have a) a gun or b) a place to hide a gun.

    In one scene, she returns to an inner-city area with known crime statistics in general, and with specific criminals associated with her adoptive son in particular, to try to find him when he goes missing.

    The Thug of the day, acting again in a manner that would indicate he's the crime lord of this particular jungle, verbally attacks her and threatens her. In response, Sandra as protagonist, wearing a sleeveless body-hugging belted sundress which reaches her mid-thigh and what appear to be 4" heels, identifies herself as an NRA, pistol-packing member with ties to society and can thereby make this particular thug's life a total nightmare. She actually pats her purse as she responds to a snide "Saturday night special" comment with an "it gets the job done" kind of answer.

    The movie-outcome of this pronouncement is that the thug is convinced she's actually a threat to him, he "stands down" verbally and ultimately gives her the information she needs to find her son.

    The real-life outcome of this pronouncement would be what?

    1. he draws his gun from his IWB/OWB/whatever location and shoots her dead, because he knows that even if she really is packing and its not a bluff, he can draw faster? or

    2. he springs into action and separates Smart Talkin' Sandy from her purse, and proceeds to do whatever he wishes with her for however-long he may want to do so? or

    3. he smiles and nods at her with respect and admiration, and gives her the information she wants? or

    4. grits his teeth in grudging admiration for her standing up for herself even against the likes of the impressive and scary Himself? ...And gives her the information she wants? or

    5. Knowing she has a small purse and that the small purse is the location of her mousegun, knowing the mousegun would require her to both draw extremely quickly and be able to shoot him accurately with multiple hits, knowing that he has both superior firepower and a superior tactical advantage, would continue to verbally threaten her and perhaps step it up a notch by beginning to advance and threaten her physically as well? or

    6. other?

    Just another idea for off-body carry training: go through scenarios with your instructor and loved ones where you role-play and practice dialog options that might be associated with the threat scenario?

    It does seem to me that in a lot of instances in the media a risk is avoided by the fast-talking and fast-thinking gun-toting protagonist. In the media, maybe, this kind of thing works. In real life, what should we do?

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