Hi Guys,

We are holding the following on Sunday March 14th. The idea of the day is to let potential students see one of our training facilities, meet our instructors and get a feel for what they can achieve without spending the earth.

Location will be at the OK Shooting Range, a 200 yard outdoor range in Okeechobee County Florida.

Shooting on a 200 yard tactical range with reactive targets. Bring what you have: AR / AK, semi, bolt, pump or lever action from .22 to .50 cal. Let us help you sight your long guns in, work out your dope, and perfect your shooting positions, trigger control, and recoil management. Learn how to move with your rifle and more.
Ammunition Required: Dependent on student.
Prerequisites: N/A
Additional Equipment: Baseball cap and sun screen (sun protection), food and drinks, along with clothing that will allow for work on the ground (no open top shoes or v neck tops).

More info on www.floridafirearmstraining.com