Just received my first EDC knife

Just received my first EDC knife

This is a discussion on Just received my first EDC knife within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just got it! I purchased a SOG Flash II (black) with partially serrated blade off of eBay. This is my first knife that I intend ...

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Thread: Just received my first EDC knife

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    Just received my first EDC knife

    Just got it! I purchased a SOG Flash II (black) with partially serrated blade off of eBay.

    This is my first knife that I intend to start carrying daily and now have to figure out my best carry position.

    I posted recently about my concern for carrying a knife in "Knives for People who Don't Like Knives" thread. I looked and looked and the SOG configuration seemed to be a good choice with its clip style that allows for a deep pocket carry. I like the assisted technology they offer.

    So, what are some suggestions as to carry of a knife? Strong side? Weak side? Pocket or belt? Hip pocket or front pocket?

    I probably am no good with my left hand as to knife handling. I suppose I will start with right side carry.
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    I have only had my SOG Flash II for a very short while myself now. Love the knife. I carry mine in my front strong side pocket. I could practice a lot and learn to carry on my weak side and maybe I should but the SOG is a backup.

    My Glock will always come out before my SOG ever will. If my Glock becomes a 500 dollar brick I want my SOG on my strong side but that is just me. At the current time I don't have a BUG. The Glock 26 is on my want list. I do have a Glock 17 but that is not the best BUG when it comes to CC'ing.

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    I carry a SOG flash 2 among others on my person. I carry it support side front pocket incase I have to defend my firearm. At the same time I carry 2-3 other knives all the time. It may not hurt to carry more than one. I carry one in each front pocket not because of paranoia but because of convenience, say you are in car wreck (god forbid) you are trapped on your strong side laying on your knife, you have the support side available. Just one of many scenarios.

    Good choice on your first knife, be warned they tend to multiply lol .I have two my wife has one and my dad has one, and that is just the flash I'm talking about.

    Practice practice practice. Oh and if you cut yourself that is the official first kiss. Enjoy.

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    I bounce between my Spyderco and CRKT mini-MyTIGHE and usually carry on my right (strong) side rear pocket....it's a tool like anything else. Plus the fact I can't carry here (Germany)...make muscle memory that much easier.

    When deployed, I did carry a TDI at 5:00...
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    I alternate between carrying at 1130 on my belt to clipped in my strong-side hip pocket. (Two different knives...)

    Depends on where I'm going, what else I'm carrying, and so on.

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    I carry one strong side as a working blade....glue the safety open just sayin...all my weak side blades never cut anything until needed for SD...the FLASH is a workhorse enjoy it.

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    I carry a knife on each side because you never know if it might be your right hand the is caught an needs to be cut lose.If your knife is clipped on the right side you are SOL and vice versa.I car.ry a Cris Reeve Sebenza clipped to my left pocket with a small Tom Krein fixed blade in my left pocket and a Case Stockman and and a Swiss Army knife or Case Sodbuster in my right.Overkill I know but I like knifes.

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