After recently reading about these knives here on DC and other forums, I was intrigued enough to do something absolutely amazing...

I spent money.

Yep, I bought 'em. And now, after putting them through some "paces", I have prepared a review of my own on these knives.

The items shown here are from CRKT Knives - Columbia River Knife and Tool. They are production versions of the Graham Brothers' original Razels found here:

This is the Ringed Razel...

It has a hollow grind on the Razor edge and a chisel grind on the, well... Chisel... See what I did there?

It has a ring on the handle to augment grip, with very nicely worked micarta scales seen here:

It also has a creative approach to a Thumb Grip...

The holster is well thought out, but I can see where some might deride it for its "overspecialized" nature. It is designed to slide into your pocket or IWB and thus provide you with a fixed blade EDC. I like it...

So far, this fine little blade has worked very well on removing the carpet in our bedroom (the chisel is very effective), cutting plastic ties from newspapers, opening boxes, bags, cartons, and general odd jobs around the house. I haven't yet found anything yet that this knife can't handle.

The shape of the blade is less threatening to the local populous. I've pulled it out at work in front of my Guests to get the papers ready for delivery, and everyone who sees it has remarked on its inherent "coolness". It looks exactly like what it is: A very useful tool. The LEO's I've shown it to like it for its obvious potential and concealability. On that note, I think I'll make a horizontal sheath for it at Friendship, IN next weekend. I'll post pictures when its done.

I am content to carry this as a weapon as well. My particular style is conducive to quick slashes and short, powerful thrusts. This knife excels at short, powerful thrusts by the way. The point between the "razor" and "chisel" is very strong and shaped like a broad-head arrow point. This thing sinks into newspaper and cardboard with equal ease. I shudder to think what it could do to flesh.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this knife to the point that it has become my new EDC knife at both home and work.

It is available for far less than the MSRP at Amazon Columbia River Knife and Tool's 2012 Ringed Razel Chisel and Bellied Razor Edge Blade: Industrial &….

Thanks for reading!