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I own the Rajah I. IMHO it is way too large for EDC. It's a HUGE and heavy six inch curved blade with a massive handle. It's also fairly slow to deploy. I have large hands but cannot consistently deploy the blade to the lock position because the sheer size of it is further than my thumb can reach. You may be able to deploy it quickly using a Wave style deployment against a pocket but learning the motion would trash your clothing and possibly remove a digit or two in the process.

Around here carrying a knife the size of the Rajah would get you a one way trip to the lockup. I keep it under my bed for emergencies only.

For reference, I prefer a blade like the Cold Steel Recon or the Benchmade DejaVoo (both around 4 inches, but practically less than half the size of the Rajah).
I decide for the cold steel Spartan, is a badass knives