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EDC Rotation...

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Thread: EDC Rotation...

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    EDC Rotation...

    Being a forum and quality steel junkie, I tend to make the rounds a bit. One thing that I had noticed over my time on various forums was the tendency to see things like, "Just added to my EDC rotation...", "One of the blades in my EDC rotation...", or the always thought provoking "I wonder how that would fit into my EDC rotation..." After seeing this for a while, I decided that the recent purchase of a knife would give me a chance to give this aspect of knife ownership a whirl.

    For about a week I carried a Benchmade 710D2 that I got for great deal at Glick Twins in Pharr, Texas. Under $120 base cost and under $130 out the door is pretty good for a 710 from a brick and mortar these days and I didn't see much better from most websites once you add the wait and the shipping in. Out went the griptilian 550HG that was my daily companion for a while, and in with the newer, bigger, bestester...err, you get the point. I flipped it, I flicked it, I did all of my drills with it, I even used it a few times, and it was pretty darn nice.

    And it all came to screeching halt when I swapped back to the 550HG. You wouldn't think that only a week would toss your technique into the garbage can like that, but it was like I was swapping from a saxophone to a trombone for a few hours there. Drawing it was clumsy, flicking it open was even worse, and I kept on porkchopping my presentation like I'd never held onto my old standby of almost a year before in my life. I could barely get it out of my pocket and in a decent hammer grip for a bit there.

    I'm not saying here that EDC rotation is a complete no-go, but if you're rotating your EDC folders with any thoughts on possibly using them for defense, stop doing it. Pick one and get to practicing with just that one, because only one week of being off my EDC was enough to toss my chances of a stressful presentation from "fair to middlin" to "HAHAHAHA! Oh, you were serious! My bad..."
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    Well, it kind of depends on how you look at it. Rotating a EDC defensive knife is a lot different then rotating a EDC utility knife. I rock my Endura 4 everyday as a defensive knife. Some times I use it for utility tasks but I generally use the blade on my gerber crucial tool for that. However some times I carry a separate utility blade if I know I am going to be doing a lot of package opening or something like that. I have several EDC utility knives that I pick depending on the tasks I will be doing but I generally don't pick a EDC utility blade based on deployment speed and such.
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    Any knife i put in that rotation is an assisted opener, with a thumb stud, carried tip up in the same pocket, every time. My Kershaw Blur, my CRKT My Tighe, or either Mini Barrage all meet these criteria for the same presentation.

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    I agree completely, I have experienced the same thing... I do require different sizes of knives, but I always try to get the same basic design for the sizes I need. This helps alot. I've also noticed that your hand will develop "muscle memory" for particular knives, for instance, I've carried Spyderco Militarys so much that my hand just works them without thought any more. Switching between my main EDC to a Spyderco Military is almost a non-issue... but if I tried to switch to an Axis lock or something I'd be completely lost!!
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    Training and muscle memory are key. I only carry Spydercos which all open the same way with the Spydie hole. Piece of cake to switch between them and retain proficiency. I need EDCs in 3 sizes because of various restrictions, and with the Spydercos switching between them is transparent as far as operating them all.
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