Recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment ??

Recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment ??

This is a discussion on Recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment ?? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi folks, I’m looking for recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment. We’ve got pocket knives and foldable knives – nothing longer than 4”. Looking for ...

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Thread: Recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment ??

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    Recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment ??

    Hi folks,
    I’m looking for recommendations on knife sharpening stones/ equipment. We’ve got pocket knives and foldable knives – nothing longer than 4”.
    Looking for something pretty affordable, that I can teach the kids to use as well.

    Any recommendations.

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    I use a Hard/Soft Arkansas stone set. Very similar to this and get good results.

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    Get yourself a set of "crock sticks", easiest, fastest way the the sharpest blade I have ever found. If you can find them get them about 12" long

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    The Lansky Knife Sharpening System.
    You don't need to buy the diamond hone set. The regular Fine Medium Coarse hones also do a phenomenal sharpening job. You just can't mess up.
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    +1 on the Arkansas stones. Once you learn how to use a good stone properly you can sharpen any blade. The one exception for me would be a Spiderco Sharp Maker. The triangle stones make sharpening a serrated blade a snap.
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    I can second the Lansky set pictured above (5 ceramic hones?). I just got it a week or two ago and have sharpened (2) smaller pocket knives with it -- a Kershaw with 1620 blade and an older Kershaw tanto blade of unknown metal. I'm no expert sharpener, but the Lansky is quite simple to use and both knives are now sharper than when they were new.

    The guide keeps the hone at your chosen angle so there's not a whole lot of dexterity needed if that's what you meant as far as kids being able to use it. They should be able to as long as they are able to handle razor sharp blades...

    I also recommend one of the accesory stands to make the job easier, especially for kids. I used it without the stand, while watching TV on the couch.

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    I love my Lansky too

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    I tell you what....I started with a whetstone, moved on to a Lansky, and then ran into this at a gun show a couple of years ago

    It has changed ALL of my blades...I have friends and family bring me knives to sharpen. And it's SAFE! My 11 year old learned on it and he does a fine job too....little pricey, but worth it lifetime!

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    Spyderco sharpening system is superb -about $50 on line

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    I've used a lansky crock stick set up for years, but i just bought a DMT diamond stone and am getting a better edge with that. I also set up an old belt in the garage and some yellow stone and strop for a really sharp finished edge.

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    I vote for the Spyderco Sharpmaker. It does the job. I saw them on Amazon for $45.00.
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    I have a Lansky 3 stone setup. IT works pretty good. I do find that if it's a lower quality knife or one that has a very dull edge to begin with you can rough it in fast with a file. Just a few strokes drawing the file from back shoulder to edge, both sides.

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    I use to have a Lansky and a Gatco (same thing different co.) but I got tired of working so hard to get a fine edge. I just went and purchased a Chef's Choice electric knife sharpener. In less than a minute I can have a blade that is scary sharp.

    The problem is when the old lady washes the knives, she keeps cutting the sponges to ribbons. I'm spending a fortune of sponges (fortunately she is very careful with the kitchen knives she hasn't cut herself.....yet)

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    I find this little "Pocket Pal Sharpener" from Smith's Sharpeners to be very handy on most of my knives. They've been making sharpeners since the 1800's and it works like a champ! It's around $12 - $14 and will put a razor sharp shaving edge on your knife in a matter of moments.

    It has a carbide sharpener for your blades that are really dull or chewed up and will true up the edge quickly. It also has a ceramic sharpener for fine honing and getting a razor sharp edge and there is also a folding diamond coated tapered rod for touching up and sharpening serrated edges and small items like fish hooks, awls and other pointed objects.

    I carry one in my Emergency Go Bag and use it often enough that I think I'll buy another couple of them to have around the house and put in other gear bags.

    You can get them several places on the internet and ebay. You can get them here at Duluth Trading Company for $13.50 or $12.50 ea. if you get two or more.

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    Spyderco Tri - Angle Sharpmaker !!!

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