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Dive Knives

This is a discussion on Dive Knives within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any info on a great dive knife. I was looking at either the SOG Seal or the Benchmade Diver. I like the SOG ...

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Thread: Dive Knives

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    Dive Knives

    Anyone have any info on a great dive knife. I was looking at either the SOG Seal or the Benchmade Diver. I like the SOG better but the Benchmade looks to have a sheath that could be atached lashed on easier. And why do all the dive shops have $25.00 crap knives.
    Thanks for the help

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    because you will/can drop them and never find them. also they will get lost on the boat, dropped over board, etc... i have added my part to the waters of the keys.

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    And why do all the dive shops have $25.00 crap knives
    Frank got it right.

    You'll also notice that they are usaully bright and shiny. Thats because many of them are made from 304 or 316 Stainless Steel that wont rust but it is way too soft to hold and edge for more than 2 minutes. Any good knife, even one that is made from 440 SS or any stainless that can hold an edge WILL rust.

    Some of them dont even have sharpened edges, they are used more to pry than cut.

    The SOG SEAL is a good knife. A "proper"dive knife will have a sheath that attaches to the leg.

    A knife is a good thing to have...one should never enter the water without one.

    I dove on a WW2 wreck in the Philiphines and got fouled on an old fishing net that had gotten hung up in it. If I hadnt had a knife to cut my way out...I'd still be there. As it was, I used up most of my air to get out of it.

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    I am no dive expert - all I ever did was snorkelling in relatively shallow waters but - all I used was a filleting knife - the sort I used to have on fishing trips.

    Sheath was moulded polythene, knife handle was plastic - and the whole deal snapped into the sheath to hold very secure. It was easy to rig this up to strap to ankle, or simply belt carry.

    Blade was very slim but long - approx 10" IIRC. Managed to get a useable edge on it and it weighed almost nothing. In fact I think the one I still have had a hollow handle and so could float if released ... just plus on neutral buoyancy.

    If of any use and assuming I can find it - be happy to take a pic.
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    As a diver for over 35 years, frankmako and HotGuns nailed it. I would add that I never have, and never will, probably spend over $35 for a dive knife. While a necessity, they are expendable tools to me. I favor the ones with a blunt prybar tip and a serrated edge. If the BGs come after me under water, I'll just pry them off me....
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    I use a Gerber Clip Lock. A Blackie Collins design(First Production Run 1985). It has a double edged and double searated blade of 3.5" and a OAL of 8". This,for me ,is perfect. The blade and the handle are integeral and the sheith is a composite material. There is nothing to rust or rot.

    I agree that most of the dive shops that are in my area seem to be affraid to carry a quality dive knife. They are starting to carry the Ti blades now but they start at $225ish.

    The USN tried out some of the Ti blades a long time ago(before they were fashionable) but found them to be too brittle. Then they tried the Dacor brand and finally settled on a US Divers supplied knife. To me,they were a POS also. The knives are somewhat like the compressors in that the USN has tried them all.

    Four or five of us will dive on the USS Oriskiney at the end of this next week. Our water has warmed to 84deg. so it will be nice out in the deeper water.

    I would caution also, that divers should wear their dive knife on their forearm vs. their calf. Inside,outside,point down,point up,as long as it is on your forearm. My choice is outside with point down. GET WET !! --------

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