Those Big, Bad, Black Knifes

Those Big, Bad, Black Knifes

This is a discussion on Those Big, Bad, Black Knifes within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I spent the whole day with a bunch of other moms and kids at a pumpkin farm today and around lunch time we all settled ...

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Thread: Those Big, Bad, Black Knifes

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    Those Big, Bad, Black Knifes

    I spent the whole day with a bunch of other moms and kids at a pumpkin farm today and around lunch time we all settled in around a picnic table with our kids and sack lunches.

    I was making my son a ham sandwich as I heard another mother asking around for a knife with which to cut an apple. I didn't respond thinking that maybe someone else was equipped with a more food-friendly cutlery device than I.

    When everyone else answered in the negative she turned to me and said, "Do you have a knife?"

    To which I responded, "Yes, I do," and quickly pulled my K-Bar TDI from it's sheath that I have begun to stealthily carry just to the right of my belly-button.

    "Oh.. Whoa!" she said as her eyes popped open. "You certainly do."

    A few of the other mothers paused and stared.

    She looked from the knife to me with a very worried look on her face and then said, "Umm.. no thank you," and started to attempt to cut the apple with a spoon and avoiding looking at the knife.

    "You really can use it," I said. "It will certainly work better than a spoon and it's very clean. In fact, I don't think it's ever been used."

    She looked back at the knife and then at me and back again before she gingerly took it in her hand and held it as far down the hilt and away from the blade as she could, which of course put the blade at an even more awkward angle.

    She cut up the apple and handed it back to me and watched with those same popped eyes as I wiped it off and slipped it back into its sheath beneath my shirt before I went back to feeding my son.

    There was that awkward pause around the picnic table before someone else decided to talk about school sports.

    I thought it was rather funny. Most kitchen knives are longer-bladed than my TDI but because its black and curved and most certainly more geared toward a "combative" appearance it was something to be avoided like the plague.

    Or maybe it was the fact that it suddenly became clear I had been carrying this fixed-blade knife all day on my person and was able to produce it so quickly on demand that just set the mood of unease.

    Either way, I wonder if anyone is going to ever ask me for a knife again in playgroup.

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    That does happen on occasion. I was at a charity golf tournament and during the briefing someone asked for a pocket knife to cut off a lanyard. I produced my CQC7 and got a similar response as you.

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    Haha nice reaction, I would have probably laughed at their reactions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    ...Either way, I wonder if anyone is going to ever ask me for a knife again in playgroup.
    Assuming you'll be invited back to playgroup, lol.
    I guess because you "steathily" carry it, that was a pretty big surprise for her. If you simply wore it on a belt, in sight, it might have been more readily accepted. If I was wearing a hidden knife I can't say I would produce it for cutting an apple. Well, maybe at deer camp ;^)

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    I am soooooo taking the Hissatsu to the pumpkin patch next year...

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    I've carried a locking folder or a compact fixed-blade since I had a paper route as a kid. In college, the guy next door asked if anyone had a knife; my roommates' replay was "Does Smitty have a knife? Does the Pope wear little red shoes?" These days I'd be up on charges at that school in New England.

    Because the knives I typically carry are dark, have half-serrated blades, and are one-thumb openers that flick open in a flash, I've gotten about the same response at social events like church picnics and birthday parties (always a package to open, right?) that Lima did. Wide eyes, the "WHOA" response, and a very gingerly passing of the knife to and fro. I can only imagine the reaction is even more profound when a young mom whips one out!
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    Funny. Next time someone will ask, "Does anyone have a knife?" and everyone will point to you and say, "she does".
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    I went back to school a couple years ago to finish a degree I started in the 70s and never finished for a variety of reasons. One class I had to take was an art history class taught by a professor who was about to retire and had probably been using the same slides since he started; which frequently jammed in the projector and he had a little 1" Swiss Army Knife he used to free up the projector. One day he couldn't get a slide freed, looked around the class and asked if anyone had a bigger knife, I waited to see if anyone else produced a "friendlier" knife than mine. No one else offered one so I pulled my 4" Spyderco Endura from my pocket, opened it with a flick of the wrist, reversed it in my hand and offered it to him butt first, the operation took about 1 second. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head, he took it, looked at it and handled it like it was a venomous snake ready to bite him. He freed the slide and handed it back, I closed it with another wrist flick and put it back in my pocket; he looked at me a little strangely the rest of the semester.

    P.S. I worked at the university, had been heavily involved in Missouri's CCW voter referendum in early 90s, having at least 2 lengthy letters to the editor published a month for nearly a year and frequently afterwards for about 10 years, so I was a well known conservative on campus.

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    I love moments like that...I really do think it spooks them more that you are carrying it undetected. Than the actual knife its self. Good for you for not backing away. LOL
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    I can just about picture that scenario in my mind.

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    LOL cute story. Just wondering: Do you fully conceal it? I've often wished I could legally conceal a blade where I live.

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    I carry a CRKT M16 clipped to my pants every day and apparently no one has ever noticed the black clip against my khaki pants. One day I was with a few other people and we needed to open a box, people a fumbling for keys or their badges, I flip open the M16. I get stares. I just cut the tape, fold it back up and put it back in my pocket. "Don't worry, I was a Boy Scout" I said, which got some chuckles and lightened the mood. Good thing they haven't seen the knife the telephone guy carries!

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    What you should have had, just for the effect is one of the new Emerson UBR Commanders. Emerson started making them this year, and for a folder the thing is HUGE!!

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    It has to be evil, it has the shoulder thing that goes up... wait that's the other evil black thing...

    Seriously, I keep a Kershaw Chive(the rainbow one 'cause it's "so cute!") on me at all times so I don't have to FlashII anyone when I need a knife for mundane use.

    I too wish it were legal to conceal a fixed blade in Ohio.
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    Thats not bad, I carried a Benchmade LFK black blade with serrations and go riding to my dads, at a diner we were eating lunch, a guy was fidling with his knife and asked him to put his knife away and he got kind of cocky/loud/verbal about his right to carry a knife, blah blah. He had a simple little 2 inch 3 blade bone handle knife. My dad and I started laughing (the owners of the diner are good friends and knew what was comeing) My dad looked at him and said

    "put away the tooth pick" The other guy didnt like that, my dad carries the same knife non serrated, silver blade, he pulled out his and I pulled out my knife, ended the conversation there. He left, we left and noticed he was still around "admiring" out scooters. (Rigid custom, 86 sportster) he saw us and walked off. :D Some days it pays to carry a big knife. lol

    I bought the boker magnum Lady for work. its roughly 2 inches total (closed) and a good EDC for small chores, now I carry my Kabar Mule G10 for SD and a Mtech "micro?" or something of the sort.

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