Question on advice

Question on advice

This is a discussion on Question on advice within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I was on a date this Sunday with this girl (not important part). Anywise I am talking to this guy at a flea market ...

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Thread: Question on advice

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    Question on advice

    So I was on a date this Sunday with this girl (not important part). Anywise I am talking to this guy at a flea market style thing we went to ( nice guy, fought in the Balkans). We got on the subject of crime and defense ageist it. I carry a tactical LED flashlight but he had a very interesting tool I did not think of. A shaving razor, (you know one of those old style things where the blade pivots with the handle) says the blades under 4 inches, is nastier then a normal knife, and he keeps in next to him in the car. So what does the form think about that, would having this piece of shaving gear for my apartment be a good idea? Would it be an effective weapon in a defensive scenario? I don’t think you can legally have it walking around in NYC. On one side it is not technically a knife, on the other side it’s not locking and less then 4 inches( so with those requirements I believe a knife is fine to carry). Or would its position fall under unlawful purpose?
    Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    With NY's laws, I wouldn't even take a chance.

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    Some citys have very broad definitions of a weapon.

    I'd be willing to bet that NYC is one of them. I've seen lots of statutes that declare that anything carried as a "weapon" and used against someone is illegal. That could be whacking someone upside the head with a full coke can, stabbing someone with a pen, sticking a fork in someones eyeball, you get the drift.

    Could you articulate that you were about to go shave? Only if you happened to have a can of shaving cream in your pocket, then you might have a chance.

    Otherwise, if you got caught with a straight razor, you'd be carrying it as a weapon.
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    In addition to the above, if you don't know what you are doing with one of these, you will likely injure yourself more than your opponent.
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    What guys did you not attend the "Hows to cut someone wit a straight razor and not be cuttin yourself class" I thought it was mandatory in all states.

    You would be better off carrying a small fixed blade knife than a straight razor however I did have a good friend who carried one daily and could hurt you quickly and very badly. In the hands of someone who knows how to use it, your local barber, they are nasty at close rAnge.
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    I had difficulty practicing with a Kershaw assisted opener at first, I can't imagine how many bandaids I'd need to practice with a straight razor...and you better practice.
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    Would having it for your apartment be a good idea? I don't see how it would be better than a good fixed blade knife.
    I know I read some laws somewhere recently that stated carry a straight edge razor was illegal, but you weren't concerned with that anyway.

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    bad bad bad idea, straight razors are nasty nasty weapons, found a guy cut by one once, ive seen knives used on someone, but this straight razor was the worst gash i had ever seen, imho, your better off with a good knife
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    Sounds like Bad Bad Leroy Brown to me:

    He got a Custom Continental,
    He Got an El Dorado too
    He got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun
    He got a razor in his shoe

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    In NYC i think your choice could be a belt with a gigantic belt buckle

    just swing it a couple of times overhead
    Go with the glow

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    It is not legal to carry a razor in most states IMO. There are laws that go back to a time when using one as a weapon was very popular and these laws are still on the books and can still be used to put you in jail.
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    Maybe one of those electric carving knives, with a backpack generator.

    Please forgive me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Maybe one of those electric carving knives, with a backpack generator.

    Please forgive me.


    This thread made me feel old. When its so old that its no longer known as a "straight edge razor" or "straight razor"....but called " of those old style things where the blade pivots with the handle". Yup, made me feel old.

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    I as most will never forget the day I got my first shave with a straight edge razor. You are scaried to sneeze, talk, turn. You are sitting like you are made of stone.

    EB I am with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    In addition to the above, if you don't know what you are doing with one of these, you will likely injure yourself more than your opponent.
    Judging by the picture, it doesn't appear that the blade locks? No thanks;That alone is a deal breaker IMHO.....Really though... How many people ACTUALLY shave THEMSELVES with these things, furthermore, you'd have to have scruff, or a beard at all times...

    Don't most modern guys use electrics?

    (For the record, I use a Gillette pro-gilde or twoblade disposables, never cream or gel, just water.)

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