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Self Defense with a Cane

This is a discussion on Self Defense with a Cane within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ordered my Martial Cane Concepts on 11/20 and received it today. I purchased it through from a seller called Jaguara Traders. $27.74 and ...

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Thread: Self Defense with a Cane

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    I ordered my Martial Cane Concepts on 11/20 and received it today. I purchased it through from a seller called Jaguara Traders. $27.74 and $2.98 shipping. Best deal I found.
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    So many things could be hidden in a cane - stun gun/Taser, OC spray, MetalStorm type gun, derringer or pepperbox, blades, plus the cane is an impact weapon all by itself.

    I seem to remember that there is a cane based martial art - can't remember the name right off hand.

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    Just a thought as I read more posts about sword/gun/taser/ canes. Be sure to check the laws in your state many of those items are illegal in many states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Maybe a single shot 12ga...
    Like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJay View Post
    I have two bad knees...most of the time they really don't bother me, or the pain is minor...but every few months, I have a flare up on one knee or the other and that means some strong pain killers...

    Usually my bad flare-up last two or three days...but my latest lasted two weeks...lots of pain I haven't been able to CC for over a week...

    But the Docs gave me a new SD tool...a cane...and I've been reading some interesting sites on line to learn tactics and methods to use...

    And I ordered a stronger (and classier) cane for future use...

    I've been off the pain meds for two days, and went out CCing today, but I know I'll have another flare up in the future, so I'm looking to improve my overall SD toolbox by learning how to use the cane effectively...

    Any advice is welcomed...
    Google Tai Chi classes in your are. This gentle martial arts will help your general well being, then mention to your instrutor that you'd like to learn a Cane form, Google YouTube for Cane video's. While these forms don't directly correspond to street self defense tactics, they will help you get comfortable with a cane. Then get the video that's been mentioned in this thread, along with something to strike, say old tire or heavy bag. then go at it, take your cane everywhere, become one with your cane. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shockwave View Post
    This is a weapon I train with all the time. It's one of the best things you can have and it's utterly devastating. To be good with this kind of implement, you have to work with it. It isn't a baseball bat - you don't swing it unless going for a finishing blow. In most cases, you want to hook or jam it against your opponent's body, and use leverage to execute a takedown.

    For example, hold it with two hands, hook the end up and behind the bg's neck, then execute a rowing motion. Stick it through the crotch area and row while you walk past. Jam it under an arm and draw a big circle or two - do figure-8s. It binds the opponent and leverages your body weight and force and is just brutally effective.

    Hold it in two hands and point it, tip first, then step and jab. It concentrates all your weight and energy into the tip, for powerful strikes and jabs. Aimed at the base of the neck, the solar plexus, wow. Now swing and rotate your body, using the tip to draw big circles - anything in the path is going to be unhappy.

    Combine these techniques, and you have Cane-fu.
    Good grief grass hopper sounds like you had a fu cane fu lessons..... But really I always thought a cane was a good idea over all, even if you are armed in close situation it would be nice to have something longer than your arm to fend off in way of your own draw....

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