Neck and Wrist Sheaths - gambler folklore or reality?

This is a discussion on Neck and Wrist Sheaths - gambler folklore or reality? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You see them in countless old tv westerns: Paladin (tv series) and El Dorado feature men concealing knives in sheaths that reside on their backs ...

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Thread: Neck and Wrist Sheaths - gambler folklore or reality?

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    Neck and Wrist Sheaths - gambler folklore or reality?

    You see them in countless old tv westerns: Paladin (tv series) and El Dorado feature men concealing knives in sheaths that reside on their backs between their shoulder and neck with just the hilt visible near the collar. Maverick (tv series) often featured individuals with either knives or small pistols concealed up their sleeves.

    I didn't really think about it until I was talking to a man recently who mentioned, in his younger days, carrying both ways. He wasn't a wannabe by any means - was a well-respected hunter and sportsman in the are and knew his weapons. But I had to ask you guys - do you know of any rigs or have you heard of anyone who actually carried this way- gun or knife??
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    i Have heard and seen people that conceal knife like shanks up there sleeves. the one i saw used a rubber bands to hold it there, however I have heard of people using a tight piece of cloth, or even tape.

    there was also wrist knives used in tribes of sudan and the turkana of Kenya. they have been replaced by more advanced wepons but i imagian some old timers still have theres
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    taking a knife out of a blind sheath on your back can be a dangerous proposition...inserting it into the sheath even worse...

    there are shoulder rigs for wearing a knife under the arm where it is manageable...also neck knives (usually small) and boot knives...

    hollywood makes it look romantic and tactical...reality makes it a bit less inviting...

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    I sometimes wear a neck knife

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    I can only agree with bladenbullet here,i wear 2 boot knives.

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    I've carried a small knife tucked into my watchband. Emphasis on small. And loose sleeves.

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    I've tried small knives up my sleeves once or twice. One of those "Why didn't I think of this before?!" type of things that later turns into "Oh...right..."

    Mostly because I have skinny wrists I suppose.

    I do however continue to occasionally revisit the notion of a gun up my sleeve:

    P3AT, modified to remove the grip, drastically shortened magazine (maybe 3 rounds or so), stabilized with a firm and wide leather wristband, deployed via leaf spring/scissor mechanism...

    You know, just mental spit-ballin'.

    I mean, come on. That would be the ultimate "got the drop" carry style!

    "Get your hands up!"

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    I have encountered a knife taped to a forearm and a knife in a home-made shoulder rig carried under thr shirt. Both were found on patients I was treating, only one was being violent. I have also come across two derringers concealed on people I would classify as.... well.... Probably not CCW holders. One was secured by tape to the leg, the other in a home-made shoulder rig under a shirt. I can only recall ever seeing one neck sheath, on a dead biker, and he also had a huge bayonet on his belt unconcealed too.
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