Searched your site for pepper spray

Searched your site for pepper spray

This is a discussion on Searched your site for pepper spray within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Guys, I am new so please don't get annoyed with this post. I searched your website and the internet about pepper spray and in the ...

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Thread: Searched your site for pepper spray

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    Searched your site for pepper spray

    Guys, I am new so please don't get annoyed with this post. I searched your website and the internet about pepper spray and in the search here, I found this link below

    It claims sabre red is BETTER than the newest Fox Labs 5.3 formula. I know both are good brands but the internet keeps saying Fox Labs is better but apparently not. I have bought sabre 3 in 1 and fox labs and tested both. Fox labs seems better than the sabre 3 in 1 IMO and that stuff gas tear gas. So should sabre red be even better according to the above link/chart?

    I know about Nozzle heat and overall SHU and how people try to BS with the SHU. No way do I believe the nozzle heat is 5.3 million. I know it's around 100,000 SHUs. Not so sure about Sabre. Please give me your honest opinion on the thought of Fox Labs vs Sabre Red.

    I will not even consider another brand. I have researched the brands and these two are some of the best. Thanks and cool site guys!!!

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    The stats seem to be more about agent concentration hair-splitting to me. I’d prefer a device that’s rated for more effective delivery than slight increases of irritant levels.
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    Figures lie, and liars figure...I've bought several different types and usually buy 2 of something...testing with one to judge distance, type of spray, and usually into the wind to have some back spray for real self-testing. If you don't know what will happen if you get some back spray, then don't use it.
    What if you haven't used what you have purchased and get some in your eyes or have no idea how effective it really is...what good is a defensive weapon if you haven't tried it.OMO
    If you cannot handle the back spray, you may just become a HELPLESS victim when you go to use it.

    I have found DPS spray to be pretty effective...lots to choose from here:

    ...from the site:

    The first question an educated consumer seeking a good pepper spray will ask is what is the SHU of DPS? This is because we have spent the last 9 years telling everyone that the % of a spray does not matter, it is the "% of what" that they need to know, hence the SHU question. So now they are asking. Well nothing has really changed, spray manufacturers have just gotten smarter about advertising. They raise the SHU way up and either lower the % or keep it the same to make everyone once again say "bigger numbers must be better".
    Once I tell a customer DPS is 1,500,000 SHU customers think the spray is not as good as a 5,300,000 SHU or even a 2,000,000 SHU spray. That is because they do not understand the numbers game. The truth is none of that matters because it is only marketing hype. The ONH or out the nozzle heat of an OC spray is what really matters. The only variable after the ONH is the base components of the spray. Without getting into a bunch of long boring technical data, I will keep it simple and tell you that DPS is a 150,000 ONH spray. This is documentable. We advertise 1,500,000 SHU in a 10% formula so most people can understand it. 10% X 1,500,000 SHU = 150,000 ONH (out the nozzle heat) and that is a fact. If I told you I was selling a 2% 7,500,000 SHU spray, would you feel better?
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    Type OC Spray into the forum search block. We use that term on Defensive Carry much more than we call it pepper spray.

    You should get a lot more forum search hits.

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    I can tell you that an indirect exposure to fox labs burned for nearly 12 hours, and reactivated 24 hours later with a shower. Something like a really serious sunburn when I finally set it off clipped to my pocket. The smell alone made me short of breath. I don't think you'll go wrong with either one. They both have solid reputations.
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