How do I carry this?

How do I carry this?

This is a discussion on How do I carry this? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a knife I bought a couple years ago. It is generic, but well built. Full tang and the blade is about 1/8 thick, ...

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Thread: How do I carry this?

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    How do I carry this?

    I have a knife I bought a couple years ago. It is generic, but well built. Full tang and the blade is about 1/8 thick, possibly a little more. However I never carry it because I don't know how. The sheath it came with is sort of a kydex, with eyelets around the perimeter. I found a picture of a sheath of similar design. It doesn't have a belt clip or anything, just eyelets. I once tried to "lace it" to my leg or something, that was a joke. How am I suppose to attach it?

    This not MY knife, just a similar sheath to help with my description. I really know nothing of tactical knives.

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    It looks like a "neck knife" sheath worn with a dog tag chain or lanyard upside down (handle down) concealed around the neck.

    (By the way... that might not be legal where you live!)
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    honestly i would say dont , its not designed nor suitable for descrite carry .. lace it to you bob if you have one and forget it .
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    It does look like a neck knife rig designed to be carried upside down under your shirt.

    You can always glue a belt clip to it, or use the lanyard hole to string paracord through and attach it to your belt horizontally.
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    You might try a tek-lock from Blade Tech. They attach with screws thru the eyelets.


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    TwoRavens said it first... the Tek-Lok is probably the answer here. I have one on a Camillus CQB with a similar sheath. It will allow you to mount your knife either horizontally or vertically.

    For some reason, Tek-Loks are rather difficult to find on Blade Tech's website. One would think that it would be pictured on their front page since so many people need them, but nooooo!

    Anyway, here is a direct link...

    Ohhh, and it also looks like you have to buy the hardware separately...

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    The folks here have just about covered it all. Just don't forget about good ole' fashioned leather.
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