Last week my girlfriend out of the blue announced that she wanted to get her ccw. I could not have been more excited. I have been working with her on the defensive mind set for a while now. she has shot a few times with me and first and foremost she has learned proper handling and safety rules just because I keep firearms in the house. She is capable of clearing every one that I own. Recently she has started to carry one of my knives when she goes out. Yesterday we got her her own knife a SOG Sogzilla. It is a great medium sized blade that is very light weight, fast to open, and a great price. (yes I know it is a knock off of the spyderco Endura). While at the "toy store" we also got her OC spray (the pink one that supports breast cancer research because it is just "so cute") It has UV dye in it at well for suspect ID later on witch I liked. I also picked up some OC (not the pink one) which I found to be a great little purchase because later in the day we went to a street fair that served beer and I can not carry my pistol in open air festivals that serve alcohol yet here in OH. Needless to say is is great that my Girlfriend is thinking defensively, Now to get her in a ccw class and get her a handgun so she does not have to take one of mine.