I saw this flash light that has a stun gun built in online and decided to try it out since the wife wanted to carry something while she was running/jogging/walking. Carrying her Glock 26 while running was impossible because of weight.....I better clarify....the Glock's weight and she did carry her C2 Taser some but she wanted to carry a flashlight.
So I dropped $49 on this United Cutlery brand Shocklight to give it a try as another option. What the heck, worth a try.

It has a 3 position switch, off, light on, and the 3rd....the light goes off, a red LED comes on above the switch indicating the stun gun is armed, you have to press a button above the switch and the sparks fly. Its (theoretically) rated at 1,000,000 volts. Its sounds more fierce than my taser at work, in that it has a faster cycling rate and is WAY louder. I do not want to take a test run on it.

The stun gun portion on the end of the light has 6 points that look a lot like a glass breaker found on some knives. This can easily be used as a nasty impact weapon. In the middle are 6 white LEDs.

The lanyard is connected with a pin into the end of the light. It is pulled off to plug in the AC adapter to charge the NiCad battery. Here is the neat safety feature.....if in a scuffle and the lanyard is yanked, the pin comes out and the stun gun is inoperable.

Now for the most important part IMO....my wife knows the advantages/disadvantages of having/using a stun gun vs taser and other SD weapons. She knows each one's limitations, strengths, and best practices. She knows it would be a contact weapon, and she's been taught H2H stuff. She recently shot my S&W 642 and she wants one with CT grips, so one is in her future and she might carry that when running since its really lightweight.

Here are some pics. I'll put another post on here if it ever gets used