Custom knife project part 2

Custom knife project part 2

This is a discussion on Custom knife project part 2 within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi All: I did a custom knife project with three sisters forge in Bend Oregon. Just wanted to share. Enjoy and tell me what you ...

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Thread: Custom knife project part 2

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    Custom knife project part 2

    Hi All: I did a custom knife project with three sisters forge in Bend Oregon. Just wanted to share. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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    Did you forget the link/photo? Or is it hiding from my iPad?
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    Knife looks good, but if intended for skinning you will be getting blood on the hands so it really needs a handguard.
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    I personally agree with Hot Guns re the hand guard.

    For handling animals in the field that will be skinned and quartered, I prefer at least two knives. One with a relatively straight blade for field dressing/quartering and one with more belly for skinning/quartering. The knives pictured are some of the best I have found for skinning/quartering. Note that although the Chicago's don't have a quillon, they have a hand guard built into the handle.
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    My Schrade Oldtimer is a Deerslayer. It is the large version of the more popular Sharpfinger. Uh oh...Copyright infringement.
    I like the blade shape and the color of the handle. The handle needs some traction and more ergo before I would pull the trigger. Good luck.

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    Nice well done video.
    I do disagree a bit though that all knife steels are pretty much equal. They really are not though it is true that all steels can be given an edge.
    That having been said there is nothing wrong with good old Carbon Steel that has been properly hardened and tempered back.

    Knives made from "File" steel are just fine as long as the steel is tempered back from full hardness.
    They actually are best after being differentially heat treated AKA Hard Edge & Tempered Back spine.
    Hardened to too high of a degree and the blade will snap like a twig in some scenarios like hardwood batoning.
    If your knife is always going to be a "single purpose" knife used only for skinning then (of course) it can be hardened to a greater degree than would be a general camp knife.

    Even completely disregarding Hard Use/Survival Apps if "side by side" Corrugated Cardboard cutting tests are done it's plain to see that various blade steel formulations are "all over the place" as directly related to edge holding ability.

    "BUTCHER" knives take an easy, agressive edge but, are softer & need to be constantly steeled and resharpened.
    Which is why you see some daily use professional butcher knives quickly worn to toothpick configuration.

    Some knife steels are a real bear to field sharpen properly. Some steels sharpen easily but, have poor edge retention. Some steels have fantastic edge retention at high hardness levels but, are overly brittle and are highly prone to edge chipping.
    Then there are the LAMINATE steel knives like Fallkniven which feature a very hard centered edge but, overall softer body.

    The idea multi-purpose every blade steel would be shock resistant, high hardness, easily sharpened, incredibly tough, nearly unbreakable, with fantastic edge retention & quite rust resistant.

    And you all know that I know what exact blade steel & process - by what maker that is so I won't derail this thread.
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