I’ve been looking for a neck/hideaway knife for a while and haven’t been happy with anything so far. I recently found a new knife that I took a chance on and I have been extremely happy with. William has been great to work with and has answered my questions quickly and professionally.

You are being forwarded to HideAwayKnife.com

This little knife is great and you actually forget you are wearing it. It looks like a lot of thought went into the design and different methods of carry that are available.

All of the knives are custom made and require you to measure the circumference of your index and middle fingers to determine the size you need. There is a large selection in the available now section, or you can have one custom made.

I got the Tiger Claw in the satin finish. The knife came with a bikini sheath (kydex) and I ordered a double J belt sheath that will fit my 1.5” belts. There are also clips that can attach to the inside of a pocket, to a ballistic vest, bra (for the ladies, or for you perverted men).

Here is some porn for everyone. I used a pen for reference on the size of the knife. If you are looking for a neck knife, I highly recommend this one.