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This is a discussion on Knife sharpeners within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For knives I just use a small spyderco med/fine ceramic stone in a little leather pouch. For straight razors or if I really want to ...

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Thread: Knife sharpeners

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    For knives I just use a small spyderco med/fine ceramic stone in a little leather pouch.

    For straight razors or if I really want to polish a knife's edge for some reason I use a Belgian Coticule

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    It really works very well. they really do need an intermediate belt like a 6 or8 hundred grit before the final honing belt but, a light stropping on a Rouge leather strop fixes that.
    You can get a very neat crisp edge that WILL shave hair off the arm without additional stroping but, a final strop really makes the hair pop off.

    The really nice thing about it is that it will totally remake a badly beat up edge FAST!

    About 3 or 4 minutes on one of my knives and I'm ready to hit the woods.

    Until you do a few knives and get the hang of it you may need to remake a couple of knife points. I STARTED WITH ALL OF OUR KITCHEN KNIVES FOR INITIAL PRACTICE AND THAT SOLVED THAT MINOR ISSUE.

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    Just found this thread on a search. I'm looking for a good sharpener. How has the Work Sharp measured up?
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    Spyderco Sharpmaker.
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    Another vote for "wicked edge" as the hands down best sharpener out there, at least for those without that special gene that allows them to hold a perfect edge freehand while using a stone.

    I watched a lengthy demo while at a gun show where the rep was taking shoppers old knives and sharpening them for free. I handed him a worn out CRKT from the car and Within 5-10 minutes of showing me how to use the system my CRKT had a razor sharp mirrors edge finish. When I say mirror finish I mean the edge of the blade was immaculate, you could see your reflection clear as day and the blade was sharp enough to hack through thick hide and leather he had there to try. The before and after was simply uncanny, and he had other common blades that you would never imagine getting razor sharp to prove the sharpeners ability.

    He had on display a standard issue E-tool with the same wicked edge (hence the name) along with about a dozen common knives that could cut through the toughest leather I've handled.

    I'm not a knife guy, but I was when I saw the amazingly beautiful edge that sharpener could produce.

    Then I saw the price tag...

    I could almost buy a brand new firearm for the price!!

    While I doubt nothing could beat the wicked edge, for the price point I'm going to give the lansky sharpening system a try. It's 50 dollars at my local store, no shipping, no waiting and it is somewhat of a similar design of the wicked edge.

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    Lansky for short knives (use tape to give the jaws a grip, measure, and take notes), Edge Pro Apex for longer knives (take notes). Neither handles a chef knife well, nor do they like blades that are hollow ground to the spine. Might be a trick to it, but that knife is a tiny thing I no longer carry.

    Edge Pro recommends scrubbing the edge. Don't. Takes longer that way.

    Lansky recommends oil on their stones. I'm trying them dry to see if they take longer to glaze. Do NOT, repeat NOT use gasoline to clean the stones; the "plastic" stone mounts are actually styrene, and will soften. No gasoline!

    Trick to see the burr so you know what you are feeling: Point a small, bright flash light from the spine toward the edge. The underside of the burr will really shine when you get the angle right.

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    Thanks for the helpful information.

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