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Need to get around a "no weapons" policy.

This is a discussion on Need to get around a "no weapons" policy. within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The K-Bar TDI has a 2-5/16" blade... but I bet a talented knifesmith could get that down to the two inches you're allowed....

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Thread: Need to get around a "no weapons" policy.

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    The K-Bar TDI has a 2-5/16" blade... but I bet a talented knifesmith could get that down to the two inches you're allowed.
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    Concealed means CONCEALED!

    *swyped from the evo so excuse any typos*
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    I have one of the Urban Pals linked earlier. Nice little carry knife always easily accessible on your neck. I have a tendancy to hook my thumbs on the lanyard I use for it a common non offensive gesture while someone is walking up to you. Keeps ur hands close to it and in a semi defensive position with hands up and rdy if needed. I used to carry a Kubaton on my keychain. I'm personally going to check out one of those pens linked since I work in an office.

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    Is the pepper spray restriction a company policy?

    Keep that tire thumper with you. Spyderco makes some knives in the Chicago line that are folders with 2" blades. An all steel pen like the Zebra 701 is a possibility. Wilco/Hess carries both the pen and the refill. Just stab them unmercifully with it. Several companies make little goodies that go on your keychain and double as impact weapons. A powerful flashlight is good to have. I carry a Fenix PD30. Not cheap, but well worth the money. YOu can light up those dark places the scumbags like to hide. And enough light in the eyes at night can disorient them enough to get away. I bought it when I had to start delivering to an out of the way warehouse with very few outside lights.

    When I am driving I have pepper spray, a folding knife, my steel pen, and my flashlight on me. I don't get out and about much after dark in the truck these days. I work a warehouse at night though. I bring along a couple extra goodies there.

    Stay safe out there driver.
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    650 lumen flashlight with a wicked tactical bezel.

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    Will the company let you carry a dog with you by any chance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckdriver View Post
    Stun gun is out but I will look into the keychain. Thanks for the tip!
    No problem.
    To simplify the keychain it's your keys at the end of a length of paracord (14" maybe) swing and aim for the face.
    And I think I would like the bat better than a tire iron because you get a better grip. The wasp spray is a good idea too. Now this may be a little out there but if the wasp spray is the kind that shoot 30' and it's flammable you might want to put a lighter in your pocket and practice ( carefully) using them at the same time.
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    You say you have to unload trailers are they flatbeds. If they are you could have a custom bar made up for the ratchets that's maybe a little more pointy don the end and with a knob on the other end. You know to keep it from slipping out of your hands when you tighten straps.
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    A frag grenade painted like an Easter egg

    but on a serious note a MAG light or tire iron make useful non obvious weapons and are also useful in more peaceful scenarios.
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    box cutter.

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    Your mind can be the greatest weapon you'll ever require. Anything can be a weapon when in the midst of necessity. Heck, I watched a person, just the other day, take an ordinary note book and strip the wire spiral out of it. In less than two minutes, he had removed the spiral wire and had each end wrapped around his hands respectively. He actually made an instrument for choking out of a stinking note book! I think in light of this, we need to have a waiting period for note books and they shouldn't be allowed in airports. Our kids can't be exposed to the deadly potential that lies within every spiral notebook in every school locker in the U.S.

    Get appropriate hand to hand combat training like others have suggested and develop situational awareness. The best fight there is, is the one you avoided and didn't have, etc.

    Get a good tac pen. So long as you don't broadcast what you have and make a big deal about having a tac pen, most people aren't going to notice or even be aware that you're carrying a weapon around in your front shirt pocket. You should also be trained as a way of maximizing the full potential of the pen.

    Finally, if its appropriate, a pair of steel toe boots could be an option also. I think steel toe boots won't be out of place while at the same time, give you some extra reinforcement just in case you might have to do some kicking into some soft tissue.

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    I always say this:

    There's a reason it's called CONCEALED carry.

    Is there any possible way that your employer would know if you were carrying?

    Is it better to be dead or crippled or alive and out of a job for a short while?
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