I had been looking to replace my EDC knife for a while. It was a freebie I got with reward points on my debit card, a Ken Onion Ripple. It's not assisted open, but does open smooth. I was looking for something bigger and stronger.

MSRP on the Triumph was listed at $150, with the actual price point generally looking about $80. I managed to get my hands on a new one for $40 from Woot. The model I got is the bottom one in this picture:

Upon receiving it, it's significantly larger than I expected. It has a lot of heft to it. The grip on it, which I believe is the G10 grip(?), is very aggressive. It definitely gives a positive hold on the knife and doesn't feel like it'd lose too much if it was wet. The one problem I have with the grip is, oddly enough, how well it grabs things. The grip pattern continues up under the pocket clip, which makes it slow to get in and out of a pocket and makes me feel like it's going to tear the material to shreds. I'm seriously considering removing the clip temporarily to sand the grip underneath it down.

This is my first knife with CRKT's "Outburst" assisted-open, and it seems to work pretty well. The instructions say you should have to open the blade about 30 degrees before the mechanism takes over, but given the amount of resistance to initially opening it, the knife seems to take over from the start. Once you overcome that initial resistance to open, momentum carries it to where the Outburst mechanism takes over, so there's little needed past the initial push on the thumb stud. It's a very strong click open, even if I deliberately take it slow, so I feel like it'd take a lot of gunk to keep it from having a solid click open every time.

The "Autolawks" safety mechanism seems a little unnecessary on the one hand, but I can see the purpose of it for really hard use that I'm unlikely to give it. The safety mechanism is the little red dot in the pictures. When the frame lock moves behind the blade on opening, the opposite end of the Autolawks mechanism moves between teh frame lock and the outside of the frame, physically preventing it from moving out from behind the blade. It's not too much of an inconvenience to work the safety when closing the blade, my thumb naturally ends up on top of it anyway. Others may find they don't like it.

My problem with this system is it seems to be somewhat iffy. If you're going to put in a safety, make sure it'll work right. If I attempt to actuate the frame lock, I can almost push it to the point that I could close the blade. There appears to be less than 1/16" left to travel for the frame lock to disengage. If the fittings ever became a little loose or sloppy, or if they came from the factory not quite tightened up, the Autolawks could fairly easily be overridden without being properly actuated. There's plenty of room in there to extend the stopping mechanism about 1mm, which would probably solve my problem entirely.

As for the most important part, the blade itself, I like so far. It's chunky and sturdy. The tanto-style blade gives me about an inch at the end for things I do a lot like opening boxes and precision cutting, and the slight backwards curve of the main cutting length makes it easier to hold something like cord on the blade for a sawing action. I've been wanting to try a blade shape like this for a while, as opposed to all my other knives which are your standard curved drop-point. The edge could have come sharper from the factory, but I always think that.

Overall I'm happy with it so far. We'll see how it holds up over time. A couple niggling little details that could be fixed fairly easily in my opinion, but I don't make the knives, I just buy them. I jumped on the buy as I thought it looked like a good deal, and read reviews afterward. I saw a couple that said the knives were fitted sloppy and there was too much wiggle when the blade was locked open, but there's almost no discernible wiggle on mine. If I try real hard I can detect some, but I imagine it will have no effect on the function at all. I'll update after I've had a chance to "customize" it a little, but for now I definitely think this is among the top knives I've owned, but maybe not the best.