does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD?

does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD?

This is a discussion on does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a Leatherman Skeletool as a general purpose EDC tool and while I do like the tool and I like that it is a ...

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Thread: does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD?

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    does anyone make a multi-tool that would be good for SD?

    I carry a Leatherman Skeletool as a general purpose EDC tool and while I do like the tool and I like that it is a one-hand opening blade, It's not the biggest nor strongest blade out there and it is a little awkward to try to open in a hurry. I wonder if anyone out there knows of any multi-tool that has a good robust blade that has a quick one-handed opening and would make reasonble SD knife (note I said "reasonable" and not excellent or perfect) as a back up to my CC pistol.

    I like having a multi-tool for EDC since it is so usefull for general purposes and I'd rather not carry an additional knife for SD.

    This is just my own personal philosophy but I also think if the $h!t hit the fan and you had to use it the court system and general public would view having to use a friendly looking multi-tool called "The Workbench" or "The Handyman" a lot more favorably than carrying a combat-purpose made knife called the "Disembowler 5000."

    Anyone have any multi-tool recommendations?
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    I actually use my skeletool as a EDC and have learned to open it quick enough. Honestly just carry a non threatening knife if you have too like a kershaw skyline or a Buck 110 (Dosnt look threatening more old fashion)

    But please let me know if you do find a disembowler 5000 those things are pricey :P

    (Not my knife)
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    This is the one I use the most and it has kept me alive in real world stuff:

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    Ahh yes, the genital 5000. It slices, it dices, it tightens nuts.. But wait that's not all!

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    Well, if I'm hitting an attacker about the head and neck area with my Gerber or Letherman multi-tool in my hand I guess that counts.
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    Emerson Knives is in the process of developing a multi-tool.

    Sneak peek at Emerson’s new EK-1 multitool | Military Times GearScout
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    I carry and use the leatherman wave...currently on my 3rd of that model, use it (read abuse it)every day, lives at 430-5 oclock
    where it gives "cover" for ISW carry..knives open one handed...great tool...find one you like, most all makers of this style, knives open one handed with ease...welcome to the forum...
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    I carry 3 Knives most of the time

    1. Leatherman ChargeTTI which I can open either blade with one hand

    2. Leatherman Clip Style Knife easily opened with one hand (straight & Serrated Blade)

    3. Gerber small key chain Multi tool.

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    i carry a gerber multi plier 600 as a contractor its great and if you have any self defense training it works very well too

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