Columbia River Knife & Tool. Their knives seem pretty good after looking at the samples At the recently opened Sports-mans wearhouse in my city. I really like the Ultima 7" with Veff Serrations but wounder if the 5" would be a better choice. The 7" seems well balanced and is an overall well rounded fixed blade.

Also the CRKT Merlin Professional folding Knife deployment system looks(and felt to me) faster than a switchblade. The system grips the blade of the folder while an ear holds the handle. Drawing the blade rotates the knife (and holster) open and locks it in one smooth motion. They have practice models in stores that carry them. The model I played with was very nice and was intuitive to use. It may be a good compromise between fixed and folder carry.

P.S. the Merlin is not intended for constant Carry just for quick deployment situations. Carry the folder in the pocket and put it in the holster for Emergency situations. Might not be completely practical.