MI governor may sign off on Taser law

MI governor may sign off on Taser law

This is a discussion on MI governor may sign off on Taser law within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If he signs into law, just one more (legal) option for SD. However, that's not how the anti's see it. Read on. Taser bills in ...

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Thread: MI governor may sign off on Taser law

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    MI governor may sign off on Taser law

    If he signs into law, just one more (legal) option for SD. However, that's not how the anti's see it. Read on.

    Taser bills in Snyder's hands
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    All the antis see are injuries. They do not even consider, that the only people that could carry one already carry a gun......I think he will sign it...
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    They say they are worried about improper use. Unfortunately, there has been improper use by cops, too. Anything can be used improperly. A shovel is designed to dig up earth, but I can bash you with it too. I have used a Taser, and it is true they are not always effective, but neither is a gun, pepper spray, etc. I support their use by civilians, some of whom will either refuse or have no business carrying a gun.
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    Police chiefs worry street-legal Tasers for licensed pistol holders could be improperly used, Stevenson said.

    "We're concerned about people using a Taser in circumstances when they wouldn't use their gun," he said.
    This is my concern also. you only have to look at their use by the government to see the potential for abuse. When they were discussing their use here in
    Oklahoma they said that the tazers would only be used in cases where previously a firearm might have been used. In life or death situations. Many times now they are used to control someone who refuses to sit down or to shut up. Clearly not the use they were intended for. They became the easy way to control a person. Instead of being a tool used to save lives.


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    The American Heart Assoc just released a study indicating tasers ause toomany cardiac arrests. But wht they do not note is that LEO's use the taser as a less lethaal alternative to using a firearm. Even if true, a possible cardiac event seems better than the alternative-a bullet to the chest.
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    Statistics show that people who were tased were injured 41% of the time,but when shot were injured 100% of the time...whoda thunk.IMHO if your going to use a less than lethal device stick to pepper spray,if you feel threatened but not threatened to the point of using a firearm,but would use a taser,then OC spray would be a better solution.
    Playing devils advocate if you tased somebody that you felt may be a threat and they die as a result,you may end up either being charged with involuntary manslaughter and or being sued for wrongful death
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    Tonight, at roll call, upon testing, as per policy for the beginning of each shift, my X-26 Taser showed "EE" instead of producing current. No problem, I removed the battery pack, counted 30 seconds, re-inserted the battery pack, and waited as the display went through a series of codes, then finally showed "89" on the display. Then, it did finally spark when tested.

    Last week, the same thing happened. It had happened before; nothing new. Quite often, it merely hesitates for about a second, then fires. This is the third or fourth Taser I have been issued, over time. Thus far, it has been more reliable than its predecessors.

    Folks, the Taser is a temperamental electronic gadget! I hesitate to even call it a weapon. There is GOOD reason that policy states we should not use a Taser when alone against an opponent, as it is best to have a back-up officer available to cover us with other means of
    force. I really do not understand why anyone would voluntarily trust a Taser for self-defense. I
    consider it to be a bulky ornament I am forced to wear as a condition of my employment.

    Yes, I have used a Taser several times with success to stop a fight. About an equal number of times, it has failed to subdue a person, and one of those times my partner suffered an injured hand, which led me to feel I should have instead used an impact weapon.

    One time, when I was faced with a defiant suspect, who removed his shirt to show his huge muscles and prison gang tatoos, the Taser worked as designed, which meant I did not have to shoot him, so I reckon the Taser saved his life. Whether that did society any favors, well, who knows? Will he end up murdering someone?
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    I myself wouldnt carry one vs. a gun, as others pointed out as bulky and unreliable in terms of not stopping the bad guy. But it should be that option for MI residents if they so choose. I hope it becomes that option for MI residents.

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    A TASER is not a replacement for a pistol. It is a replacement for a hands on fight.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    A TASER is not a replacement for a pistol. It is a replacement for a hands on fight.

    People often times get that mixed up.
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