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Does anyone carry a TDI?

This is a discussion on Does anyone carry a TDI? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife broke her elbow a couple months ago and was looking at a TDI to use while she healed up. We held several models ...

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Thread: Does anyone carry a TDI?

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    My wife broke her elbow a couple months ago and was looking at a TDI to use while she healed up. We held several models at the local gun show, but there were no good deals or decent prices.

    She likes the way the blade is in line with the arm bone, it works with her limited strength and range of motion while she heals up.
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    I don't know anyone who carries a TDI daily...

    Does anyone carry a TDI?-tdi.jpg

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    I carry a small KaBar TDI in a custom Kydex neck sheath. It's a covert blade that's VERY FAST getting into the fight. In addition I usually have a Spyderco Endura Wave clipped in my right-front pocket for more general cutting requirements. I plan a project to weld a ring onto a large TDI Tanto for Karambit-style techniques.
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    Dale does great work. How concealable is the mag carrier with tdi attached when worn under a shirt?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjfleming View Post
    Attachment 62462 I have the small TDI in a Dale Fricke Mag Pouch/TDI Sheath Left Side Front. I used the red handeled trainers in the picture for better contrast. I also carry a Spiderco Endura for ordinary jobs the TDI is strictly for defense.

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    I carry the small TDI LE everyday as a SD knife at 12:00 for off hand draw. It has been a great little knife. I clip it to my inner belt and it's mostly concealed by my outer belt, this setup works very well for me.
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    I carry a full size TDI that I bought while taking a handgun course from them. The knife looks huge, but absolutely disappears in my pocket. I have never been aware of it during the day, and nobody has ever seemed to notice it. All you can see from the outside is the metal spring clip.

    My employer doesn't allow concealed carry, so the TDI is my next best option

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    I bought a small TDI because of a friend.
    But I never carried it.
    I prefer a push dagger for this kind of purpose.

    But my best friend, who used to be one of the very few french contractors in Iraq some years ago, has carried one on his assault vest because it could be deployed with a narrow move.

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    I carry my pt709 or G26 in the back pocket of a riding jersey or IWB of shorts. Like you I live in area where I am not threatened but it is the just in case. never go unprepared

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    I carry the Ka-Bar TDI L.E. blade laced into one boot. That "last ditch" blade is good if I need a knife to cut my way out of my own speed cuffs if I'm overtaken, and so forth. Good last resort blade.

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