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Prison weapons. Why gun control doesn't work.

This is a discussion on Prison weapons. Why gun control doesn't work. within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dukalmighty Can you imagine the guy trying to retrieve it and suddenly seeing the pin hit the floor detached from the grenade ...

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Thread: Prison weapons. Why gun control doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Can you imagine the guy trying to retrieve it and suddenly seeing the pin hit the floor detached from the grenade
    No problemo: Shove it back in from where it came from and then run like heck!!!

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    The only time I have ever been in a prison was during a foodborne diease outbreak. The particular agent was Clostridium perfringens which casues intense admonial cramping and explosive diarrhea.

    The inmates were in no condition to pose any threat, but with 6 to 12 men sharing one toilet the smell was quite overpowering.
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    One of mankinds greatest accomplishments is the ability to weaponize damn near anything, unfortunately it seems the bad guys excel at it.
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    I just came to the realization that any time I deal with an Anti argument, all I have to do is refer them to prison videos...
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    Prisons have a great many craftsman that have no problem fabricating a zip gun. It's easy enough to do

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    Criminals can be rather ingenious here is a link to just a few weapons.

    15 deadly improvised prison weapons and tools
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    I don't know about grenades, but we did have an inmate smuggle in a road flare once.

    (its called using "the suitcase" by the way)

    There was a private prisoner transport company transferring an inmate, they drove a Crown Vic, but it was just a regular one, not a police package, and they just added a simple cage to the back seat. Seems the IM reached between the seat cushions into the trunk since it was just a regular passenger car, and he was able to "suitcase" a road flare. He the lit it in a holding cell, which is where I came in to the story.

    And as for the styrofoam cups, it works. I was in an airport security class in the late 1990s and we made a knife from a stack of cups, and also from a roll of plastic trash bags! I saw one made from an MRE bag once. Back when they had dark brown outer bags and green plastic on the inner packages I saw a chess set made from them too. One side brown and one green, including the board.
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    This is apparently how they do it

    It seems that the people that want to hurt people can always figure out a way to make a weapon or use something as a weapon.
    I got interested and found this on youtube, they make a knife out of a disposable razor. Apparently they let them have them in prison...

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    Ever get a chance read Concrete Mama and watch the Making The River. Was the prison I worked with Vets at when it was considered one of the most violent places on the planet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionracas View Post
    This post may be innapropriate so mods do your thing if needed.

    I cant remember where I read or heard it but it was about the most dangerous weapon smuggled in to a prison. Turns out it was a hand grenade in the rectum. It went in to detail about the diameter of the grenade and a couple of other specifics about ummm lets just be safe and say dimensions that made it possible.

    Could you imagine finding a hand grenade, internal no less.
    There's a joke in there somewhere...but I'll be danged if I can pull it out.

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