Help me choose a concealed fixed blade?

Help me choose a concealed fixed blade?

This is a discussion on Help me choose a concealed fixed blade? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First of all, hello to everyone. I have been reading the forum for some time now, but I did not have anything to post until ...

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Thread: Help me choose a concealed fixed blade?

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    Help me choose a concealed fixed blade?

    First of all, hello to everyone. I have been reading the forum for some time now, but I did not have anything to post until now. So, basically this topic is about choosing a fixed blade, that could be carried concealed, probably IWB or OWB if the sheath is short enough. I collect folders, I carry one everyday, I train with them, but still I do not feel sure I can 100% deploy a folder fast and secure under REAL stress. Since receiving my concealed carry permit and carrying a gun, the folder should be on my non-dominant (left) side, and using a folder with the left hand under stress sound even worse, even though I am becoming much fluent it, almost like with the right hand.

    I need a fixed blade. A knife is not the most useful SD tool, if SD tool at all, but I love knives really much, I have the space to carry one, I will continue practicing, so why not... who knows when I would need it, I hope never. After research I found two blades specifically made for such purpose with great sheath systems, but I could acquire neither of them. I am talking about the Tracker Dan Bloodshark and JW Enterprises Hidden Key. The first time takes more than an year to be produced due to high demand right now, and the other cannot be shipped to my country.

    So, could anyone point me into some blades that could be carried concealed? IWB is the preferred method, but I could also try OWB if a t-shirt is enough to conceal it at least partially. I saw a review of the Blackhawk Kalista here (great review btw) and it looks nice. Any other options?

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    imo you could jerry rig about any sheath to be iwb. Buy yourself a jhook and attachet even. I don't think it is really a blade question as far as knives go but more so a how can you. I automatically think of a little 550 cord and a short slip knot around the belt make any fixblade you have iwb. the purchase of a jhook and the simple attachtment to the sheath also seems to be a better idea than going out and buying a whole new knife. Also make sure you know the knife laws where you live. Some people aren't aware they even have knife laws and I wouldn't want you getting in trouble for not knowing them.

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    Look into the TDI knives by Ka Bar. They were made specifically to be worn on the non-dominant side to be used firearm retention and back up for firearm. I have been wearing a concealed TDI knife daily for several months and don't even know it is there. It comes with a well made belt clip that works real well IWB and is even secured if only wearing jogging shorts or sweat pants or something.

    The blades and handles are very sturdy and rugged. The blades are angled from the handle to replicate the same draw as a handgun but I wear it so the handle is angled forward so I can access it very quickly with either hand.

    The only negative reviews of the knife that I have seen is some people say that it is not any good as a general-purpose knife due to the odd angle of the blade and handle. After using it for awhile I got used to it and find that it makes a perfectly valid general purpose cutting tool.

    There are some good videos on the TDI knife on youtube and a variety of reviews on the net. check it out and see if it might be what you are looking for.
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    The Esee Izula2 is a nice fixed conceal blade.
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    Buy a bowie knife, sling the sheath onto your back, and voila: concealed fix blade. If you're feelin really special you can put "Crocodile" in front of your name when you introduce yourself.

    But that's JMO.
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    Welcome. Get a Ka-Bar, or an Ontario Mk3, you cannot regret it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldshirt View Post
    Look into the TDI knives by Ka Bar.
    i second this

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    I have a small Ka bar TDI. Cold Steel: small safemaker, small safekeeper, kobun and kiradashi. These blades are specifically for self-defense. I don't think high end companies or blade steels are necessary for this type of utility. To be on the safe side, you should get a concealed carry permit/license.

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    I third a TDI knife but fixed blade knife carry in NC is illegal unless ur actively in the process of hunting.

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    I have both the KaBar TDI and an ESEE Izula-II. Both are great little knives but I find myself carrying the Izula-II almost exclusively as an EDC tool. I rarely carry the TDI much anymore because the Izula is much more versatile and useful.

    The TDI is a great little defensive knife and especially useful tool to use against potential gun grabs during a struggle. But it's a knife best suited to those uses exclusively.

    If you want to use your knife for an anything kind of tool, which is perfectly well suited for the rare self defense use, I would go with either the ESEE Izula II or the ESEE 3Mil. You can also get all the ESEE knives partially serrated if that is your preference. You can also get the ESEE 3Mil in a clip point which comes with a razor sharpened upper swedge if sharpened double edge blades are legal in your state.

    (Note: the difference between the original Izula and the Izula-II is that the Izula-II has approx. 3/8's inch longer handle than the Izula making it a more comfortable fit for most hands. They have the exact same blade dimensions but the Izula-II has the slightly longer handle. The Izula-II comes with detachable Micarta handle scales where the Micarta scales for the Izula needs to be purchased separately. They both come with an excellent modular sheath system which has numerous mounting options, but can also be purchased without the sheath for a slightly cheaper price point).

    Ka-Bar Knives

    ESEE Knives

    KaBar TDI

    Original ESEE Izula

    ESEE Izula-II

    Semper Fi

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    Another option for carry is a pocket sheath. I have a couple of small fixed blades from Barry Dawson and Dennis Cook that conceal well, but are easily drawn. The kydex is folded to make an integral clip:

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    TOPS California Cobra & lots, lots, LOTS...of training.
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    Buy Brown has some great inside the waistband and pocket sheaths. He'll make anything you need as well. As 031131 mentioned, some 550 tied to the belt and sheath then tucking it works great too.

    At work I carry a Strider EB/DB fixed blade (or DB-L) and occasionally when not at work. I just clip the kydex sheath on my left side on the belt. I can get by with this even wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I think I have a pic somewhere I can post. It works well and I no longer feel the need for inside the waistband except now and then when wearing a suit and needing to remove my jacket.

    The Izula would disappear even carried like the pic below. I have the first Izula and it's a great little knife.

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    It isn't a high end knife by FAR, but the Buck 471 Diamondback in the old plastic sheath is one I like to EDC on my left side ahead of my flashlight & spare magazine. There is a nylon strap that velcros together to be the belt loop for the hard plastic sheath. This allows the knife to move with me. I tuck it into my back pocket. The plastic sheath holds in the knife without any straps that need to be unclipped to remove the knife. Just a nice tug releases it.

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    Ontario Ranger may fit the bill

    Ontario Ranger EOD Karambit |
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