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Weapons in lieu of a gun

This is a discussion on Weapons in lieu of a gun within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A Heavy Duty NAIL PULLER you know...that tool that you'll need to yank out those really stubborn nails for that construction job that you're planning ...

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Thread: Weapons in lieu of a gun

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    For In The Car

    A Heavy Duty NAIL PULLER you know...that tool that you'll need to yank out those really stubborn nails for that construction job that you're planning on doing at home...next week.

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    As others have mentioned, there are plenty of options for somebody to use as a weapon. Weapons are all over.

    I cannot remember which oriental country it was, I beleive Japan, that made it's people hand over all of it's weapons decades ago (Back in the day of samurai warriors --- before the 1900's). With the weapons taken, the locals learned to use farm tools and other items as weapons.
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    Improvised weapons are all around you......look around yourself now...I bet you could find at least a half dozen within reach.

    Almost anything can be used to help you defend yourself. Anything from a telephone, bookend, letter opener to a table lamp, cane, chair can be utilized as a blunt instrument or flung or swung with good effect.

    You may not have a firearm all the time, but you do have your wits & objects in your surrondings.
    A vote is like a rifle, its usefulness is based on the character of the user -T Roosevelt

    If you carry a gun, some will call you paranoid. If I carry, what do I have to be paranoid about? -C Smith

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    Leatherman Micra

    I carry a leatherman micra on my keychain. I've thought it would make a good striking defense item when openned like shown. It can be retrieved relatively quickly. My keychain pops apart with a push plunger alowing me to use the keys in the other hand if needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Now that is a ruler!! :D

    George you have an exception to the general rule.

    - Janq
    Thanks, that's what I thought. When we were going to California and Washington state in April I needed some things that would not be noticed. I had in my carry on attache case three sharpened No. 2 pencils rubber banded together, an aluminum clipboard, glued to the back of the clipboard was the plastic sheath the ruler came in and the ruler was in the sheath. I also had in the bag some landscape drawings for our yard and the triangular ruler mentioned earlier. I had two metal mechanical pencils and a ballpoint pen that is like the one used by astronauts. The mechanical pencils and the pen are of stainless and made in the late '60s or early '70s - heavy and strong.

    The bag is leather, but it is designed to carry a laptop. It has compartments that open on both sides and a wooden dowel that runs the length of the case. The handle goes through the dowel and the lift up flaps that cover each side cover the dowel and hang down. The case part is hung from the dowel. Put the rulers, pens, pencils, clipboard, etc. on one side. Then put several hardback books on the other and you have about 15 lbs. of leather and wood with a 14"X9" long piece of aluminum in it. It is a weapon and so are the contents.

    I do not play fair when it comes to protecting me and mine.

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    There are a number of non-firearms options and many have been itemized here already. Most require a fair amount of training to be effective, the more the better, obviously.

    There are people who need some alternatives, who don't have much training time, not much dexterity to be effective with many alternatives for whatever reason. Of course, primary to all this is that awareness and avoidance training is the most effective. Then, I'd suggest considering OC pepper spray. It's not 100% effectiveness --- data suggests 84%. Not saying it's the best but something to consider.

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    A nice small ball peen hammer does wonders for adjusting someone's 'attitude'...
    If a cop asks why a small hammer, tell 'em you need it to tap your starter on your truck, to get it to kick over!
    Always remember: 3 can keep a secret, if 2 are dead!

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    My question would be, how old are you ? This is not to say that protection is not needed for everyone, but being that I work in the school system often you would be amazed at how fascinated kids are into weapons. And what better place to get advice than here. Thus, your first weapon is your brain.
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    I agree that the ultimate weapon is human brain, while I do carry a pistol always I also carry a knife (kershaw Blackout assisted opener) and still practice my empty hands/weapons retention/defensive tactics skills.

    Not all self defense incidents require the use of deadly force, there is a force option continuum that you must be able to articulate to defend your actions in court.

    If you do not establish and sharpen a "survival" mentality then no skill or tool will save your life.
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    If light rails were needed on handguns John Browning would have included it on the 1911.

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    Janq, Try taking that group of keys and putting them on a Lanyard, but instead of hanging it around your neck just put the keys in your pocket and leave the lanyard hanging out. That leaves you with quick access and a very fast very dangerous distance weapon. It's kind of like having a quick and dirty flail.

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    Plus One For The Kubotan!

    A pretty handy tool, easy to improvise too! You need a basic knowledge of pressure points and some joint locks. A pretty basic DVD can be bought from J&L products. www.jlusa.com called 'mini stick for self defense'. Comes with a metal Kubotan keyring.
    A cheap mini maglite will suffice as the tool....easy to carry, blends in, can carry it on a plane, school or into a courthouse with no eyebrows raised. Or a decent, mont blanc style pen with rounded edges.
    If ya got the extra money, a Surefire E2 Defender gives you a pressure point tool AND bright light to blind. Most handy!
    I also have an ASP Street Defender that is a kubotan tool that also cantains a pressurized canister of OC pepperspray with an excellant lock to prevent 'accidental discharge' of that naughty fluid. Not for a school, airports or courthouses...but very handy on the street! Also available through J&L.
    The beauty of the Kubotan...is you take the knowledge of pressure points with you...it is hard for someone else to use the tool as a weapon against you IF you lose control. A minimag/E2 Defender can be carried anywhere in the world, and gives a great edge in arms length encounters.
    Anywhere you hit someone with it, even if you are off alittle, will hurt. You are focuusing the entire strength of your strike through one small metal object onto a tender, soft target. It is mostly a non-lethal device...but it can be lethal if the right spots are tagged. I do not use the 'key flail' stuff, as much as the joint locks and presure points.....
    I like a quality liner lock with a belt clip as well, but some places they are a 'no-no'.......and you really got to know what you are doing with a small knife.
    Cane/staff is a great tool, but it can be a pain to carry around. I have one for 'around the house'.

    The mind is the key.......staying calm, aware, focussed,and breathing properly through a rough spot in the road......puts you ahead of the curve regardless of what you carry.

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    Another vote for the Kubotan.
    Heres another idea, carry a sock then put loose gravel, or wet sand, or a lock in the sock.

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