Knife sharpening service

Knife sharpening service

This is a discussion on Knife sharpening service within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I posted this in my introduction post, but this seems like the place to offer my services. I have been sharpening knives for 14 years. ...

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Thread: Knife sharpening service

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    Knife sharpening service

    I posted this in my introduction post, but this seems like the place to offer my services.

    I have been sharpening knives for 14 years. I do it as a hobby in my town and charge very little for it. I use it as a way to meet new people and get to know them in my community, especially people interested in blades. I thought I would offer my services here for the same purpose.

    I will sharpen just about any knife in any condition for free provided you pay shipping to and from. I have a variety of tools and can also shape blades as well as fix chips, dents, minor scratches, and even some small pitting. I plan on offering blacksmithing services as soon as I finish building my forge.

    Message me if interested.

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    What a great service you are offering. Wonder what shipping would cost me on about 300 pounds of steel? LOL Seriously, thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for the offer!
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    Perfect knife sharpening is (for sure) an art.
    I like to sharpen my own but, for those who have trouble getting a keen edge ~ you are offering a valuable service.

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    Thumbs up Knife sharpening by Hedimitrius -- fantastic!

    I took Jeremy (Hedimitrius) up on his knife sharpening service, and I have to say the results are fairly great.

    Sent three different blades to him, and all turned out wonderful.


    • Chef's knife -- A basic stainless knife, in the kitchen. (Yeah, yeah ... stainless. I know.) Still, when sharp they work fairly well for what I do. I wanted a very durable edge, yet sharp enough for all-around "chef's knife" duties. To be used against a bamboo cutting board.

    • Paring knife -- A basic stainless knife. Wanted a very sharp edge, with as much durability as could be obtained with the sharpness. To be used against a bamboo cutting board.

    • Spyderco Native #C41BK defensive knife -- CPM S30V stainless, plain edge, drop point, 30º edge with a final 40º bevel. For daily-carry defensive use, occasional use with opening cardboard boxes and twine, other mild duties. Left sharpness/durability up to Jeremy's discretion.


    • The chef's knife is wicked sharp. When testing with the thumb, it feels amazingly sharp when applying light pressure across the edge in one direction, but it feels seemingly dull when applying light pressure in the other direction. While I've never previously had a blade finished in this way, I imagine it's going to be quite a bit more durable than usual because of this. Sharp + stout. Perfect, IMO.

    • The paring knife is wicked sharp, no matter how you slice it. Makes quick work of anything short of a tough meat, which isn't a paring knife's job anyway. I'll need to be really careful I don't lose focus, while using this one, else I might slice a finger. Now, this is what sharpness is all about. (I hope I never drop this one on any upholstered furniture, since as sharp as it is it'll likely slice right through to the floor.)

    • The Spyderco blade is nicely sharp, again. Comparing it against my secondary (similar) blade, the difference is night and day. Looks like it'll be a reasonably durable edge, too. (Should, being S30V.)

    Highly recommended sharpening service, particularly for you folks in the Midwest region. And most particularly if you happen to suck at sharpening your own blades well enough to bring a smile. (Uh, that would be me.) Great turnaround time, too.

    Thanks, Jeremy!
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    It's a real art! Thanks for the post!
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    Thanks for the kind words Michael. Nice getting to know you. If those dull up too fast send them back and I will give them a bit larger of an angle.
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    - Hedimitrius

    Need your knife sharpened? I offer free knife sharpening to all DC members. Just pay shipping both ways and I'll do the rest.

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