Need some info about them. I can't find anything solid about this company and to my understanding they have been out for at least 30 years.

I have recently come across and bought a boot knife that was up for private sale. The blade is stainless 5" and the back side has about 1-1 1/2 " blade as well. maybe it is considered double edge but not a full double edge if that is possible. I think the blade goes all the way through the handle as it is very solid and has no play what so ever. The handle could be better. It is kind of thin and rubber with little groves for grip (not finger groves just going up and down the handle.

The sheath is beautiful (leather). Even after at least the 25 years he had the knife prior to me buying it (when it was made is unknown) the sheath holds unto the knife very well. very well is actually and understatement. If I'm not pulling on it to come out, it doesn't come out. The sheath does have one little thing that could be better. There is a small almost to easy to unsnap leather strip (I forget what its called lol but you all know what I mean) that goes over one of the very almost nonexistent finger guards. The issue with this is although it does hold the knife in like it should, the knife can be pulled like it is not even snapped in. More specifically I can pull the knife out without the snap even coming undone.

Over all I do really like it and leave it iwb weak side (testing it out anyway).

Anyway does anyone know about this specific knife and parker cutlery?