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Cold Steel

This is a discussion on Cold Steel within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Are they a reputable blade with strong, sharp steel? Not sure if I like them yet or not. Well, right now I'm sure I don't ...

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Thread: Cold Steel

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    Cold Steel

    Are they a reputable blade with strong, sharp steel? Not sure if I like them yet or not. Well, right now I'm sure I don't like them. Can anyone convince me other wise?
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    They are decent knives if you get a good price on them. They are NOT at the top of the line in my opinion.

    They are really sharp, but I have not found the designs, fit and finish, or the quality to be all that great. Certainly not as great as their marketing would have you believe.

    ETA: I should add that I do have a few CS knives. They make great knives for times when you might lose them.
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    I have three or four Cold Steel knives. They have done everything that I have asked of them.

    Cold Steel is widely loved and widely hated. I'm not sure why Cold Steel is so controversial, but a lot of it probably has to do with their marketing, which detractors and fans alike agree is "over the top".

    Cold Steel knives are not as nice as some of the truly top-of-the-line stuff. But in ways that are likely to matter to the vast majority of users (not the true afficianados), they are more than good enough - -and cheaper.

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    Not really my cup of tea...but they do have a few items that are unique.
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    Cold Steel knives are one of the industry benchmarks for practical use. I carry a Recon Tanto on my LBE and it is very field serviceable. But, it is not the top of the line as an upper tier knife. For that I have a Randall #1. Yes, carry a Cold Steel for general use and probably have it for a lifetime.

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    I carry a Cold Steel Gunsite 4" Tanto. CS blades are shaving sharp out of the box, but hard to keep an edge when it comes time to sharpen.

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    I love my cold steel knives. They tend to get used more because I love my benchmades even more :)

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    I have/had several Cold Steel knives. Overall they're decent blades, very sharp, and the locks are tough. I really don't like their snobbish, chest-thumping marketing tactics.

    Let's see, I have or had:
    - Recon tanto- very nice factory second. Gave it to a friend. I miss it.
    - Culloden - mounted on the sun visor in my vehicle
    - Voyager tanto, 3 7/8" blade - older model with plastic clip (plastic clip bent, did not like tip-up carry)
    - Black Bear Classic - safe queen
    - Para Edge - Gave it to a friend, who laces it to his boot.
    - Scimitar - Gave that one away to a friend, too. Isn't it nice to be my friend?
    - Triple Action dagger - poor design. Mostly useful for "ooh, aah" factor.
    - plastic CAT Tanto - shower buddy
    - Safe Keeper II - Sold it.
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    I've always like Cold Steel in general. Owned many including the Trailmaster bowie, San Mai Tanto w/12 inch blade, SRK, and a couple of others. Like many manufactuers, the quality of the steel is controlling. Any Cold Steel with San Mai or Carbon V blades tend to be good knives. Their lower price blades tend to be like any companies lower priced blades... you get what you pay for.

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    They're decent enough, and usually pretty affordable. I think where a lot of people are turned off is the 'better than anything else' attitude, even selling DVDs ("Proof" and "More Proof") to prove how great they are.

    Are they great? Really no better or worse than a lot of other stuff out there. Some of their prices are a good deal.

    There's also a bit of dicsussion on what 'Carbon V' steel is exactly. A popular opinion is that it's whatever decent carbon steel is available at the best price from the supplier on any given order. In general, at least, it seems to be a decent steel, but once again, no better or worse than many other lines.

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    Would say that with CS you get what you pay for. Not top of the line,but right up there. I feel that they make some very good to good products.

    I do not own any of their knives. I have a long time friend that has made the Tai-Pan his EDC blade. He has carried it for(IIRC) 5 years now. He has since bought another one to train with. Knowing him he has put the "trainer" through pure HELL.

    I have owned the LTC Kukri for some years now. It(always) hangs by my side on my recon's into the river swamps,on the trail of wild hogs.Keeps an edge and fairly easy to sharpen. Cuts like a SOB !! (Would highly reccommend the Concealex Sheath for this blade.)

    I also own two of their spears. The Assegai and the Boar Spear. Don't know what steel they are made of and how hardened but burned out several high speed steel bits,and a couple of Ti bits trying to drill them for bolt holes."Lost" the Boar Spear to a really big and really mad old hog in south Fla. a couple of years ago.He took it with him into the thick underbrush and thrashed it about royally. When I finally recovered it it was not bent or broken. It was also still razor sharp. He was dead.

    These are the extent of my dealings with the CS brand.

    Would I buy any more of their products ??.....yes.... -------

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    They are OK for the price. Hype is a little over the top but the video is good for laughs and is free. I like looking through their catalog but when I ordered an SRK they said they were out, never ordered another knife since. If isee a knife I like at a knife store I know I can trust it but won't order one from them.

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    i've never been disappointed by a cs blade. they're great when you live on a limited budget. they on par with spyderco, as far as i'm concerned. i own knives from both companies. i currently own:

    the imperial katana. it's a little blade heavy, but good enough for full contact, hard target cutting.

    the norse hawk and the trail hawk. the trail hawk is really well balanced, much better than the norse.

    the steel tiger. because i collect karambits.

    the mini gurkha. this lives in my van, and has gone everywhere with me for the past 5 years.

    the ti lite, with the zytel handle. i gave it to my dad.

    the xl voyager. i gave it to my girlfriend, and she loves it.

    the samburu spear. it throws very well.

    the sjambok. i wanted something that was less than lethal to have in my van.

    i've also purchased some blades as gifts for others; mainly my dad, who owns a farm in puerto rico, and always needs a good, hard use blade. he's had nothing but good things to say about the srk, the ti lite, the kukri machete, and the frontier hawk.

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    Cold Steel

    I carry one of their punch knives, similar to what they call the "Safe Maker" now. I bought it around 1989 and carry it everyday at work (for rescue purposes only, of course ) Just as good as the day I bought it. I carried one of their shovels in my car until my ex stole it, and I have one of their spears hanging on the wall in my safari-decorated guest bedroom. There's one of their tomahawks in my axe collection. Nothing negative to say about any of them.

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    They do the job intended to do.
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