What to carry in Seattle?

This is a discussion on What to carry in Seattle? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was brutally assaulted in the summer of 2012 at a Seattle Bus stop. Although I am 6'4" and apparently appear to some to be ...

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Thread: What to carry in Seattle?

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    Seattle, WA

    What to carry in Seattle?

    I was brutally assaulted in the summer of 2012 at a Seattle Bus stop. Although I am 6'4" and
    apparently appear to some to be transsexual (I am very tall 6'4"), I have rarely been attacked.
    However, it seems to me it is becoming more common and I am often uncomfortable. It seems
    like more and more it is considered "cool" to act, or come on as a gangster. I think aggressive
    behavior is becoming more commonplace. Prosecution in Washington state seems to be weak
    on assaults, and though the assault me was quite clearly with murderous intent, The charges
    discussed started with assault in the second degree. It looks like a plea agreement will be
    offered for assault in the 3rd.

    I am considering several alternatives. I am looking at a knife. Can anyone tell me if the following
    is legal to carry in Seattle:

    SOG Specialty Knives and Tools SJ-52 SlimJim XL 4.18-Inch Assisted Folding Knife
    with Reverse Bayonet Pocket Clip.

    If I used it in defense would it be likely that I would be criminally charged?

    How about a "Stun Weapon" like a "Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight"?

    Is it legal to carry a stocking full of Mouse Balls or other heavy items for defense?

    It has been suggested to me that I should carry Pepper Spray. I think this is legal. Another
    suggestion I have heard is a Boat horn, but really I have no Idea how effective either of these
    might be.

    Of course I have considered a handgun (probably a Beretta in the 30-45 cal range, but
    There is a housing regulation where I live that makes that illegal.

    Whatever I decide to do, if I arm myself I will want to get some training to make sure that
    I know what I am doing.

    Any Thoughts. Anyone?



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    washington state
    i believe that the knife you mention would be illegal. i think City of Seattle bans folding knives with blades over 3" long, as well as ALL fixed blade knives, regardless of blade length. Seattle knife laws have been confusing to me. i have seen 3", 3.5", and 4" mentioned in different publications, as the maximum allowable blade length, so i play it safe. while i don't live in Seattle proper, i am in the city often enough to conform to it's knife and gun laws.

    my EDC knife is a Benchmade Mini Griptilian, with a tanto style blade 2-7/8" in length. this knife is carried primarily as a tool, but it can also be used for self defense.

    if i cannot carry a firearm, i carry a second knife, an Emerson CQC-14 folder, which has a full-size handle and a 2.7" blade. this knife is only carried as a weapon - it is not used for everyday chores.

    i know that people in other states have successfully challenged laws that said they were not allowed firearms in their subsidized housing units.

    in the meantime i recommend you check out the legality of carrying OC spray (pepper spray), in addition to a knife. get a reasonable size can. not a lipstick-size container.

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    In the state of Washington, what's the coverage of the CHL with respect to edged weapons? Does it also bring in the state preemption clauses, thereby allowing a licensee to carry blades that a non-licensee otherwise would not be able to lawful carry?

    If so, then going with a CHL might be an option, even if you don't end up carrying a firearm, if it'll get you the knife (knives) you want.

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    IMO= Escape Seattle..I Lived there way too long.
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    Welcome for Lakewood, I think that I remember this.
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    An umbrella.

    Possibly in 30 - 45 caliber.
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    You might consider moving to one of the many small towns away from Seattle. I grew up there as a kid but basically it turned into a real ship hole.
    Firing a suppressed is on my Bucket List.

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    Some training I took stressed "Walking like a predator". Head erect, scanning the area. A form of SA if you will.

    I think you could carry a cannon, and still be jumped if situational awareness is marginal.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GraceBT View Post
    ....Of course I have considered a handgun (probably a Beretta in the 30-45 cal range, but
    There is a housing regulation where I live that makes that illegal....
    You might consider contacting the NRA on the housing reg issue. They are willing to take some cases. I don't know if you are referring to public housing, but the NRA won a settlement against the San Francisco Housing Authority for banning guns in homes.
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    So sorry about the assault. I would get the big time pepper spray. Also consider getting a concealed carry permit and don't tell your housing authority. If the state says you are legal I don't see how it is their business. IF you don't talk about it. Make sure you don't print. Another possibility is a cane. Even if you forgo the included gun or sword :) you could get some training in using the cane itself as a very effective weapon.
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    NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminars Vancouver, WA 8/10/2013

    Student Registration

    Also offering Sabre Red College Safety Awareness (Pepper Spray training course) in the afternoon with drills and deployment exercise using inert training canisters to simulate handling a violent encounter.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Firstly you need to become aware of the laws in WA regarding self defense and weaponry. You can start here: Chapter 9.41 RCW: FIREARMS AND DANGEROUS WEAPONS

    Be advised that a knife is considered a lethal weapon with the concomitant legal baggage.

    You will see that the Washington carry permit is for a handgun only; not for any other weapon.

    Unfortunately, the state preemption is for firearms only, therefore the cities are free to make there own laws regarding knives & other weapons. In Seattle it is: no fixed blades of any length, and maximum length of 3 inches. Nowhere could I find a definition of blade length so I would be wary on that count. For instance, I've seen some municipal codes where the blade length was considered to be the cutting or sharpened portion only, but I've also seen definitions where it included everything from the point to the handle, in other words it included any unsharpened ricasso. Theoretically they could define it as they length of the entire blade including the part which stays within the handle when the knife is opened. So, beware!

    Get a good pepper spray that comes in a hard case which could then also be used as an impact weapon in the manner of a Kubton.

    My second recommendation is to get some training in a real (combat oriented) martial art.

    A cane can be a very versatile and effective tool if you get some training in how to use it, and can be taken nearly everywhere.

    A firearm is good but again, it is a lethal weapon, and useful only in extreme situations. What you really want to do is avoid letting things get to that point. Plus,it sounds like you would require some training to bring you up to speed on the legalities and techniques. There is also the added expense of ammo, belt and holster, and secure storage, not to mention your housing situation. Those points aside, if you need a gun, nothing else will do.

    Regarding your housing, I would take a deeper look. It may be that your rights are being violated. I would certainly want to resolve this issue before acquiring a handgun.

    To put it all in a nut shell, with some pepper spray, a moderate amount of hand-to-hand training and some enhanced situational awareness you should be good to go!

    Good luck, and stay in touch. There are a lot of smart and experienced people on this forum willing to help with advice.
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    I would consider a very bright tactical flashlight with a striking bezel (sometimes called a "glass breaker"). Companies like Surefire make lights in the 500 lumen range, which is likely sufficient to dazzle a person even in daytime, and effectively blind them temporarily in the dark. The bezel can be very effective for striking if an attack continues. Ideally this would be only one option, backed up with something more powerful - a handgun is preferred for that, of course, but it's not always an option.

    I can't speak to the laws in Seattle, but flashlights generally are not looked on as weapons. A striking bezel could raise some eyebrows, but even without one, such flashlights are often strong enough to use as a weapon.
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    What kind of housing do you live in that makes it illegal? It would need to be a private residence to enforce that? They don't need to know. I think a big can of pepper spray , a Tactical flashlight, some running shoes and apply for your CCW while you research guns and training.

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    I think I have decided what I will carry:

    1] Ruger Pepper Spray Ultra System (Black)
    a) 125 Decibel Alarm Screams for attention even if you can't.
    b) Bright Strobe Light confuses attackers and gives you a chance to get away.
    c) Powerful Pepper Spray-sprays up to 15 feet with 2 million Scoville heat units of law enforcement-strength stopping power.
    d) Speed Release-All of these features activate in less than one second.
    e) Free Belt Clip Attaches your Ultra Pepper Spray System to just about anything

    2] Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight
    a) One Million Volt stun
    b) Surprisingly bright flashlight
    c) Gnarly Zap noise
    d) Solid Construction

    I will carry one or both. I am considering moving as well, but currently this would be difficult.

    Any feedback?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to the original post.



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