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This is a discussion on Tazer within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First, let me say this; as taser is a great compliment to tools I already have, but it is extremely limited. It is not a ...

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    First, let me say this; as taser is a great compliment to tools I already have, but it is extremely limited.

    It is not a hit and run weapon, like OC. If you use the barbs, you are connected to the BG. Most will not have the presence of mind to disconnect the cartridge and run. Most likely if you or they run the barbs will pull out of the BG, putting us back to square one. (the barbs are no larger than a medium fish hook) If you simply drop the taser and run, you just armed your attacker. Granted, you could use the taser in a drive stun mode to defend yourself against an attacker, it probably would work. Probably. Maybes are not something I want in a defensive weapon.
    A drive stun does not shut down a body like the barbs do. You can hold it to my left arm, and I can take it away from you with my right. We have done so in training. Drive stun all you want, but you still will be fighting.

    That brings me to heavy clothing.... forget about using the taser.

    How much distance can you get between you the BG in 5 seconds? Thats all he'll be down and back in the fight. Once a bigger, stronger BG gets close enough for you to deploy a drive stun, its already too late. If you have some other H2H skills, you might be OK.

    What other alternatives do I suggest?
    A H2H skill, many good classes for women are offered at PD's, YWCA's etc. I really like the "sticky" or "foamy" OC. It does not drift and cloud nearly as much as the standard spray.
    Maybe learning to use an ASP really well. They are good tools as well, but you really need to learn how to use one.
    Kubatons can be effective in some situations, but again, you need to know how to really use them.

    All these are truly "hit and run" options. Self defense is an ugly business, trying to sugar coat it is only going to get you hurt. If attacked, you need to put a hurting on the BG. Enough of one to allow your escape, and secondarily the BG's capture.
    If the BG ends up with broken bones, holes where he didn't have them before or worse, so be it. He took that risk. He gambled, not you.

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    Ok I'm back ! What did i start . I agree with both Betty and Fed with a sig ( me and him agree on alot in past posts ) . I think a tazer is a acceptable intermediate use of force . Shes comfortable with a firearm but I'm not comfortable with her level of training , and don't want to see a firearm being used against her . If she used a tazer all she has to do is drop it and run . If you get report it to the police and give that info to Tazer International they will replace your tazer. I could go on all day about this but won't .

    Thanks for all your ideas.

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