REVIEW: The Brous Blades T4>>>>>>

REVIEW: The Brous Blades T4>>>>>>

This is a discussion on REVIEW: The Brous Blades T4>>>>>> within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's my review of one of the newest tactical flippers on the market from one of the hottest new knife makers Jason Brous: Review of ...

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Thread: REVIEW: The Brous Blades T4>>>>>>

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    REVIEW: The Brous Blades T4>>>>>>

    Here's my review of one of the newest tactical flippers on the market from one of the hottest new knife makers Jason Brous:

    Review of the Brous Blades T4 Tactical Knife on ThruMyLens

    As always, let me know what you think of the review and any questions or comments you may have.

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    Nice review. I wanted to get the carbon fiber T4 but I just couldn't justify double the cost with the same steel..
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    That is a sweet looking knife!

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    Nice blade design, nice knife
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    I will pay more attention to you,i hope you can go on posting more such post, i will support you all the time. Thank so much for sharing your thought with your readers.

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    Well written and informative, but not really a "review". To me a "review" of a gun, knife, or a piece of equipment is not in what it looks like when you open the box, but one that actually includes using/abusing the gun/knife/piece of equipment for its intended purpose or a facsimile there of. Like shooting a pistol at a range, or slashing the top off a beer can with a blade, or even sinking a blade through the hood of a junk car, or prying with it to test it's malleability to hardness, etc.

    I get that you don't want to scratch your $250 knife, but it's kind of hard to "review" a car without driving it, or a knife without cutting till it gets dull, and then sharpening it. I can make any knife shaving sharp, but whether it's still shaving sharp after dressing out a deer is a pretty good indicator of whether it's a good knife or not, and I've never damaged a knife dressing a deer (even with knives which I can hack through the pelvis with). Your review would be allot better if use (even light use) were a part of it. I understand your not getting paid or given a knife to test, but don't you want to know how it holds up to use? Just like you don't have to shoot someone to see how well your SD pistol works you don't have to cut someone to see how well your SD knife works. You can deploy and cut something else, and then see how it retains it's edge, and how hard or easy it is to take it back to razor sharp. Just a thought...

    I have a Dustar I paid a heap of shekels for, and reading the review of the Marine who used it to hack through a cement block to make a firing position influenced the purchase. I appreciate aesthetics as much as the next person, but if I'm going to spring I want to know more that the pictures.

    That's an attempt at "constructive criticism". I don't mean to offend.
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