I wanted to see if anyone else has this knife, and if so, their thoughts.

A friend of mine bought for me for Christmas; we're both gunnies and knife nerds. Awhile back, we discussed the Kabar TDI series. I had one, because I liked the idea behind it, but I thought Kabar kind of half assed the execution. The grip wasn't comfortable, and the sheath was terrible. I eventually traded it for ammo.

This knife took the TDI concept and got it right, in my opinion. It's small, flat, feather light, comes shaving sharp from the factory, and the sheath is above par; the stell clip is so strong, I actually have trouble getting it on and off, and it's knife retention is solid.

I've been carrying it every minute, experimenting with sheath placement. It feels at home crossdraw, or in my inside jacket pocket.