Quality First Knife for Son/Daughter

This is a discussion on Quality First Knife for Son/Daughter within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know for sure this is not a defensive knife question per se, but thought I'd ask the question here due to the volume of ...

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Thread: Quality First Knife for Son/Daughter

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    Quality First Knife for Son/Daughter

    I know for sure this is not a defensive knife question per se, but thought I'd ask the question here due to the volume of traffic. My question is this: if you were (or have) to buy your 10 year old son or daughter their first knife, what would you choose?

    I've done the internet search and there is some good stuff, but I thought I'd ask you all, my good and wise friends of DC. I've got a working list:

    Buck 110
    Buck Ranger
    Swiss Army Knife - Tinker

    Anything else you think would be good to consider? My kids understand knife safety and proper usage. They understand it's a tool not a toy or weapon, but still would like to hear the collective wisdom of the forum and those who are few years down this road.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Buck. It's just classic. And when they lose it, you can get another. Just sayin.....
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    Buck Lock Back or a Schrade Old Timer for the first pocket knife. Inexpensive, decent quality and no great loss if it gets misplaced.

    Of course there are some better quality knives available these days at pretty good prices as well. A Kershaw Cryo would be a great choice too. Hinderer designed low end production with mid range quality.
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    PICK ONE...any one that has the features that your kid would most appreciate.

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    Randall ESEE 4. It'll last a lifetime.

    Of course, all the other 10yr old kids will want to see it, toy with it. Perhaps a decent Buck knife would be preferable. A classic, for young'uns.
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    Closing a slip joint knife on your finger is a right of passage from childhood to adulthood where I come from.

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    If it's going to be a general purpose knife I'd suggest something like a Scout knife with a couple blades like the case suggested in the post above. Or even better the Swiss Army Knife you are looking at.

    I've carried a Tinker for over 30 years as my daily carry knife, and have rarely needed something more. If I'm going someplace where I'll need more I can add it such an my old K-Bar if I'm going off in the woods camping. But for everyday there is nothing like a good pocket knife! Before the Tinker I carried a TL-29 for a good part of my military time, and a two bladed Boy Scout knife prior to that. All that boils down to about 50+ years of knife carry.
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    Schrade Old Timer 34OT Middleman Folding Knife (2.375 Satin Plain) - Blade HQ

    This here...........
    I have had miner for 13 years... it has been to Iraq twice, traveled the world with me, cleaned fish, small game, and field dressed a few deer. I cam whittle with it, and pretty much do anything a i have ever wanted out of it. It is easy to sharpen and holds a very good edge. I have zero complaints. The price wont break the bank if it is lost, and it wont break the bank to buy it.
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    A variation of the swiss army knife. How about a scout knife? I still have mine with a cub scout emblem in the handle. And I used it a bunch, lol.

    If not a scout knife, then I vote for the swiss army knife. Second place would be for a 3 blade case XX. Stockmans model. Various sizes, but probably the mid sized one.
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    Lost my first cub scout knife, But still have my first swiss army knife. Either one is a great starter knife. You can get a Victorinix Classic for about $25

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    My first piece of advice is don't spend too much! Kids will lose them! My first pocket knife was a Barlow knife. The scout knife or smaller (simpler) Swiss Army would also be good choices as others had suggested. The Old Timer Trapper model is a good first knife as well. Don't forget a sharpener or whetstone to go with it. Good luck!
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    I'd personally recommend a case for a first of a lifetime knife collection, they are good knives that are also very appealing visually and many a man have started a working collection of these
    A buck would make a good knife that is still appealing and is great as a working knife, but probably slightly more affordable than the case
    If your kids are prone to loosing things then I would probably say an inexpensive Barlow or.. An opinel, yes it's basic but you can easily replace them and you could always teach the kids to whittle, in which case they can customize their knife for themselves if so desired
    If they are really into working and playing outdoors, then Swiss army knife

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    A would say a Swiss army knife or leather-man too..

    But I like the idea of a made in the USA syperco or buck knife or a kbar .. I have a nice little made in CO syperco that is like a 3inch blade very nice knife and comfy to handle

    I would look at Knives ship free .com they have some real pretty stuff .. But really for a kid I get a chepo sog/syperdco/swiss army knife .. they will lose and damge it ..

    For a nice basic knife I like the sog flash has a manual safety on it and is a good sturdy blade
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    Can't go wrong with a buck or a case.
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    Just be aware of the fact that not all CASE knives are made in Bradford, PA. these days. Some are now "Made In CHINA"

    New Case knives

    The new Tec X knife collection from W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. is being launched early next year.
    Unlike most Case products, the Tec X collection will be made in China.
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