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This is a discussion on Be careful out there! within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; +1 Raevan. A dull knife is unpredictable. Keep 'em sharp! I don't have any permanent scars from being cut (touch wood) but I've had my ...

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Thread: Be careful out there!

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    +1 Raevan. A dull knife is unpredictable. Keep 'em sharp!

    I don't have any permanent scars from being cut (touch wood) but I've had my share of minor slips. None from a pocket knife within the last 10 years.
    "If you so much as bunny hop I'll cut your heart out!" Billy Bob Thornton in The Last Real Cowboys

    "I carry a gun for the same reason that I carry health insurance and a cell phone - be prepared."

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    Yeah, the scars of life.......

    I have a few myself!
    Reading this brought back a distant memory......
    I was cutting rifle patches a long time ago in the Marines when a dude walks up and asks to use my Swiss Army Knife......he looks at it and says 'cheap steel' and runs the blade across his thumb to prove his theory. A deep one inch cut was the predictable result. While he was trying to stop the bleeding, I asked.....'yes, swiss surgical steel does not hold much of an edge, does it?' He required several stitches.
    I gave a pair of decent folders to an ex bother and father-in-law, construction-types for Christmas a few years back. It was not five minutes after opening that the brother-in-law cut himself on it. And my Ex gave me crap about giving him a 'dangerous weapon'.
    I have since decided not to give knives as gifts...unless I know the person has a friggin' brain between their ears.
    A moron is dangerous with anything!

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    Everyone knows the "Waves" and their knockoffs, right? Well, I had a CRKT M16®-14ZSF ( - the one on the top) back before they had Auto-LAWKS and all that.

    Well, looking at the extended thumb grooves, I decided to try some fancy Wave-like maneuvers with it. I believe my exact words were, "Hey honey! Watch this!"

    I about cut the tip of my right index finger clean off. Perhaps I dramaticize it, but I had a good-sized flap of flesh hanging off of my finger and blood was running like a faucet and splattering on the kitchen floor (thank God it wasn't over carpet).

    My wife about fainted and fell to the ground saying she was going to vomit, and I was busy running it under some cold water and laughing (don't know why - her reaction just seemed funny to me).

    As I was unemployed at the time and didn't have the money to go to the emergency room, I simply rolled it up in a paper towel and slapped some electrical tape on it for a few days.

    I was "that guy" at work for the next few days, as everyone wanted to see what I did to my finger.

    Finally regained sensitivity after about a month, as I'm guessing my nerves had to reconnect themselves or something. Either way, my finger was numb for about four weeks.

    I also have a wicked scar on my left thumb from a whittling experiment gone bad when I was around 12 or so, which also left a nice flap of skin.

    Fun, aren't they?

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    I've hacked myself more than a few times and serious bad.
    Knives can be very sharp.

    The most recent time for me was trying to see how many times in one minute I could flip my folder out & back in one minute.

    I was going really fast & then I zigged when I should have zagged.

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    Considering the number of self-inflicted knife scars I have this isn't intended as a criticism of folks other than me, but if you cut yourself, or someone else, unintentionally then it's equivalent to a Neglegent Discharge with a firearm.

    There are simple rules in knife handling that can prevent knife wounds just as the rules in firearms handling will prevent bullet wounds.

    All knives are sharp enough to cut or puncture. I've even cut myself on a butter knife of all things before I learned this one.

    Cut away from yourself and any body part. Easily illustrated why this is an important rule by pointing to the scars on hands, arms and even my right knee.

    Don't throw a knife that isn't a throwing knife. Tips/blades break, knives bounce back.

    Don't cut anything that you don't know what you'll cut into. A nice bright flash and pop as a knife cut through drywall, and the electrical insulation for a 220 line, drove that home.

    If all else fails keep the knife sharp. Wounds from sharp knives heal quicker than the nasty raggedy cuts from dull knives.

    Oh yeah, always carry a couple of bandaids in your wallet.
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