Hey guys, new to the forum and excited to be here! Just moved to Austin, TX about 6 weeks ago from San Diego, CA.

I started a new business here in TX as a dealer of tactical products, including automatic knives, so I want to make sure I'm aware of where not to sell them (the autos). I've heard and seen online that San Antonio might be a no-no, but I'm not sure about anywhere else.

Aside from selling online through my site, I'd like to be able to attend and exhibit at expos, conventions, and the like, and obviously without breaking the law or getting into any kind of trouble. I'm skipping out on exhibiting at the gun show in San Antonio due to my current findings on legality there (for autos), but am hoping I can make it to one in Houston or Austin in the near future without issue

If there are any other categories of tactical products (beyond automatic knives... batons, stun guns, etc.) that I should know about being prohibited to sell/own, or if anything is limited to LE/Military only, that'd be great to find out. I've already done some of my own research and in the end will confirm everything with an attorney, but thought I'd get some feedback from the general community first.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!!