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Suggestions for a folder?

This is a discussion on Suggestions for a folder? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My EDC is a Yellow Handled Case Barehead Trapper with Chrome Vanadium blades.'Yellow%20Handle'&Foldin g='1'&Item='031' I rotate with a Case Yellow Handled Sodbuster Jr, and ...

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Thread: Suggestions for a folder?

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    My EDC is a Yellow Handled Case Barehead Trapper with Chrome Vanadium blades.'Yellow%20Handle'&Foldin g='1'&Item='031'

    I rotate with a Case Yellow Handled Sodbuster Jr, and Case Mini-Trappers also with CV blades.'Yellow%20Handle'&Foldin g='1'&Item='032''Yellow%20Handle'&Foldin g='1'&Item='029'

    Chrome Vanadium is also available in some other handle materials such as Red Bone and Amber bone.

    Q. Why are you carrying these knives that do not have pocket clips , locks or newer steels?

    A. An individual should choose tools that fit them and fit their tasks.

    Remember - no tool is any better than user of said tool.

    I am nearing the age of 52. I grew up with slip-joints / pocketknives (same thing - choose which term you prefer) and like I was raised learning 4 rules of firearm safety and how to shoot - I was raised knife safety and how to use a knife.

    A knife is supposed to cut. Period.

    Now up front and to get out of the way - yes I have defended myself with a Trapper to stop an immediate threat. I opened this Trapper one-handed and did not cut myself - the same cannot be said of the other persons.

    Chrome Vanadium takes an edge, holds it, and is easy to touch up. The other steel I like is 1095. Yes these take a patina which is akin to gun bluing which is a Controlled Rust. Meaning easy to take care of an maintain.

    I suggest folks read Mr. Joe Talmadge in regard to steel and properties in regard to steel for tasks. Short version is - just because the steel is the newest one on the market - does not make it ideal for the Tasks and Environment one is going to be using the steel (knife) in.

    Now why I carry what I do.

    See I really do not give a whit what folks think of me.
    I do care what perception someone might glean from me.

    I do not want to advertise anything about myself.

    We have a new thing here and other parts of the country.
    Not really a new thing - just a new twist.
    BGs read folks to find easy prey and /or profitable prey.

    BGs are looking for pocket clips on folks. They size up [case the individual] and pocket clips are often associated with CCW - meaning guns.

    BGs in numbers take over a CCW-er, or grab the kid(s), wife, parent, grandparent and ...

    We can talk all day about situational awareness, training to deal with multiple attackers, how well we shoot and ....
    BGs have someone as hostage and outnumbered - what are you going to do?
    Cemeteries are filled with dead heroes.

    Recall : Don't look like Prey. Don't go where trouble is. Leave if trouble shows up . Know how to NOT get into a situation and if a situation presents itself - how to evade without engaging, evade , survive or do what you have to do.

    Analogy: Bank Deposit, better to stick bank deposit bag in a paper sack and walk down the street than to be waving a bank bag with bank logo and bank name.

    Don't advertise.

    My environment includes being an older returning student on a College Campus.
    I visit satellite locations of this College, another College where I am not a student, and other No CCW zones.

    Now I also carry a SAK Classic SD. I have a mustache and the scissors come in handy. I used to use a Case Peanut with scissors and stag handles and lost it.
    Still this SAK is something I
    (1) do not mind loaning to another student/person not being expensive.
    (2) I will not be that upset if used wrong (many folks do not know how to use a knife I notice - back to kids not being raise right about guns and knives).
    (3) I will be that upset if I lose it.
    Yes I have send one back that someone messed up.

    My Case knives do NOT attract attention, they are very very sharp! I can cut boxes, slit a Cat 5e cable, cut fruit, prepare food as I do in a lunch meeting like slicing meat , cheese or some-such.

    Some of these other knives on the market do not cut the boxes, slit the cable or do food prep well.

    I just look like some 'relic' that has a knife like grandpa, uncle, daddy has...which IS the perception I want to convey.
    Guns? What guns? I thought guns were only for Police and Military *wink*

    Now I can spot a pocket clip, I can get within earshot, and I can hear all sort of things. Walking out to the parking lots, I see vehicles with all sorts of "advertising".
    "Call .357 not 911", "Vehicle protected by S&W", "Driver only has $20 in ammunition", fake bullet holes and you name it.

    Now if YOU were going to stalk a college student/ individual and find out what they drove and bust a window in their vehicle looking for valuables - how would you case the individual and parking lot?

    State Law says no weapons on campus btw. State reg also says the blade has to 3.5" or less on a "legal knife".

    So what do other students of like mind as myself with CCW carry for a knife and tools when on campus and other daily activities?

    Number 2 pencil, canes, glass or 20 oz soda bottles...
    Lone City Wolf Gentleman knives, Buck locking Gentlemen knives, Case knives like myself ( I am the reason for these choices), MOP Case Trappers ( ladies and gents) Boker, Queen, Shatt&Morgan slimline Trappers, Peanuts, Stockmans,( various makers) and ...

    SAKs are carried like Alox handled Solo, Soldier, Secretary...
    Red (other colored) handles include Solo( similar to Barehead Trapper) Pocket Pal, Sentry along with Bantams, Recruits , Tinkers, Spartans...

    I/we took a look at British Knife laws and got some other ideas as well.
    Simply because Politicians in the US are looking at other countries such as the UK and various laws on "weapons".

    Nothing wrong with locking knives, newer steels, finishes and all...
    Just I and some others choose to "dumb down" and not give off any perceptions to anyone that may be taking notice of us.

    What guns? I thought only the Police and Military could have guns.

    When I use or assist another with a mustard packet with a SAK classic , Campus security never bats an eye. They have not when I used one of my Case knives.

    Now Campus Security few moved closer to the persons in BDUs wearing camo jackets and "flicking knives" in the cafeteria...

    I'm just a old dumb relic taking classes...

    Use Enough Gun

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    Hi nicneufeld, I just wanted to chime in here also. I am a big Spyderco fan because I feel that with their knives, you get a great knife at a great price. I feel that compared to many others, there is value added to all of their knives.
    I have what I feel may be two good choices for you.
    1 The Spyderco Native. ( With this knife, you get a well made in the USA knife. It is light, with a strong, comfortable handle and great blade steel using S30V steel. It was my first Spyderco and still a favorite. If you don't mind shopping at Walmart, some of them sell this knife and it's a steal at $40. If your Walmart does not carry it, it can be ordered. Please see this thread on the Spyderco forums posted yesterday( Here are a couple pics of my Native.

    2. The Spyderco Delica4. (
    The D4 has been a favorite of many for a long time. It is now in it's 4th generation. It has embedded steel liners to make a strong comfortable handle and great blade steel using VG-10.
    Here are a couple pics of my Delica4.

    This knife can be purchased at a number of places with my favorite being New Graham Knives ( on the internet. I have used these people a number of time and they are absolutely the best!!

    I hope this helps you a bit. Good luck!

    Shine on...
    S&W M&P 9c
    S&W 9 Shield
    Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull
    S&W M&P15 Sport;
    Mossberg 590A1

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    I'd have to go with the Spyderco's mentioned (Delica is easier to carry due to its shorter blade length) or if you have the money a Emerson. All of them equipted with the WAVE feature. That little thing just makes it so much easier to open one handed and there is nothing to break or make it illegal.

    I've carried a Emerson CQC-7 for years and it still is my primary carry. However I also have several Spyderco's (including the first run of Endura's with the WAVE) and they too are awsome.
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    The new Benchmade Mini Dejavoo is AWESOME. They're expensive and not yet out, but used ones should start popping up soon after their release.

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    Hey nicneufeld.......if you want to get a knife....and I mean a knife you will carry every stinking day of your life it either it breaks or you are slipped into a wooden worm bucket (now aint that a sweet description on being burried) then I have a simple suggestion.

    Two actually......

    First you can purchase most any of the knives mention from a store or off the web, open them a few times and then slip it into your pocket and carry a decent to great blade.


    You can pick up the phone, call Ernest Emerson (its on his website or if you want I'll give it to you...after I get it off his website) and sign up for the longest course your wallet or MasterCard can handle. While there, Ernest will advise you on which knife he feels will serve you the best and you'll leave the school having been tought by one of the best (if not the best) when it comes to knife offense/defense tactics and you'll realize that the knife you picked up there, can now pretect you a whole lot betta than any of them ones you looked at before becuse now your trained in how to use it.

    Okiiiieeeee I'm rambling again (da wifey poo just informed me she accidentailly fed me two doses of I understand why Chris's avtar is flapping its wings).

    Take care ya'al...I'm crawling back to my cage.
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    Try he carries a good selection of a lot of different brands. And the prices aren't bad, I've dealt with him a few times excellent service.
    Gun Control: What a long strange trip it's been

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    For an "in-exspensive" locking folder that holds up well I like the CRKT's.

    I've had/have Spydercos, Case, Gerber and various others, but the CRKT has been the best I've found over the past twenty years unless I want to spend the money on a custom.


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    Agreed on the crkt knives. Really, just save your money until you can get a Emerson. That's what i'm doing. That way your not wasting $8 to $40 bucks. Go with the Emerson and you will never feel like "man, I should have got.." Again, the crkt's are good for the price..... but so is a Davis compared to a SIG. This guy has good prices on the higher end knives:
    "The best compliment to the Warrior is that others feel safe while you are around." I would add especially if they REALLY ARE safe when you are around.

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    My Ruger SP101 with its constant companion a Spyderco Police. I have carried this knife for years and can attest to is absolute ruggedness. A bit more spendy than some, but then quality always is.
    De gustibus non est disputandem

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicneufeld View Post
    I like the black tanto blades personally...but thats mostly aesthetics. Still, that's what I'd prefer. Anyone have a good recommendation?
    I like the black tanto style myself. In that style I have a Benchmade Stryker 905, Emerson CQC7 with wave and super CQC7 with wave. I have Spyderco Endura and Delica, also both waved, but these are neither black nor tanto. All nice knives.

    The internet retailers Knifesite and Oso Grande both sell at around 60% or 70% off the Emerson and Spyderco sites' prices. I have had good results with both places. Even with that discount, the Spydercos are going to be above your mentioned $50. The Emersons are going to be in the $125-$175 range.

    Lots of good knives can be had for under $50. If you were to actually need one for self defense, any knife on your person is much better than a knife for which you are saving money to buy later.

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    Benchmade Griptilian!!!!! I keep a new one in my sock drawer in case I lose the one I carry.
    Nothing Wrong With Shooting as Long as the Right People Get Shot.
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    As much as I love Emerson knives, and I love Emerson knives, there is absolutly NO reason for someone to hold off on buying a knife just to get an Emerson. There is absolutly nothing wrong with buying a Spyderco Delica/Endura WAVE and THEN saving up the money for an Emerson. Though I have carried an Emerson (actually two if you count the LaGriffe) for backup weapons for over half my career, I would easily trust a Spyderco to protect myself with (and on occasions do). Sal Glasser makes awsome products an quite frankly I know more fellow officers, soldiers and operators that carry Spyderco's than I do who carry Emersons.

    Ok I'll go back to my box.
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    Good question, and I should clarify what I meant by "no locks".

    I consider a locking blade esssential, however I don't like the safety/lock tab (not the locking release when opened) on the SOG Flash series, for the same reason I don't care for them on handguns, they accidentally get ativated, preventing their rapid deployment. Have two SOG Flash IIs and like them, but never would consider them as a SD knife for the reasons mentioned.

    All that said, I prefer Cold Steel and Spyderco folders.

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    I recently bought a CRKT M16-10KZ at WallyWorld for about $20. It takes and holds an edge much better than I would exect from the price. It is smooth opening, and light. I like the serrated part of the blade for cutting rope, and the tanto point is quite rugged, perfect for rough use. I think this is a really nice general purpose folder, and a lot of knife for the money. I just might have to buy a couple more.

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    As long as you can sharpen, almost any knife that won't fold up on you is good as a defensive knife. You won't use a defensive knife for anything else and if you are forced to use it you won't use it for very long. As such the blade doesn't have to hold an edge as long as a working knife. It just has to be sharp and strong enough not to snap or fold impacting an arm with jacket material over it. Ease of opening and strength of locking mechanism are more important than edge holding ability.

    obxned, if that CRKT is made of AUS4 be careful sharpening it as this steel is a little soft and ends to roll the edge in sharpening if you're not gentle with it.

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