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Suggestions for a folder?

This is a discussion on Suggestions for a folder? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey! Didja ever check out SMKW? The Smokey Mountain Knife Works catalog has some interesting offerings in it. (Yes, I know they do sell some ...

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Thread: Suggestions for a folder?

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    Source of frugal folders.....

    Hey! Didja ever check out SMKW? The Smokey Mountain Knife Works catalog has some interesting offerings in it. (Yes, I know they do sell some el-cheapo, made in pakistan crud,too.) I recently purchased a CRKT "Hissatsu" for approximately $30. Okay it's not a folder but they do have a large selection, and sometimes you can find a good deal if you have an idea of what you want. I like Spyderco's folders (my Police model has a tendency to slip out of my pocket due to its steel handle) , but my everyday pocket knife is a Gerber Applegate combat folder. 'bout a $100, easy to find, easy to sharpen, and If I lose it or it's damaged, it's not so expensive that I gotta re-finance my house to buy a new one.
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    That CRKT tanto is AWESOME! I have one of the smaller tanto's they offer, they are very good. I have some of the cold steel fixed tanto's, including the San Mai III version, and they are great too.

    I'm just picky about my everyday folder for carry, as it gets used the most and is the one i'll be stuck with if i'm caught away from home during an emergecy.
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    longtab...what number is ur CQC-7? Mine is #287 and has served real well over the past several years (crikie I dont wana say how long as it will age me).
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    I like the el cheapo CRKT M16-10KZ sold at WallyWorld for about $20. It's tough enough and hold an edge well enough for the regular everyday hard use I give a pocket knife.
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    I haven't read all the posts here, but I carry a Benchmade mini-griptilian (sp?) every day and LOVE it. Its the perfect folder, IMO. Small enough to be legal just about anywere ('cept a plane), excellent locking mechanism, and can't beat the quality. And, from what I understand, as long as you own a benchmade knife you can send it in with a check for $5 and get it refurbished as many times as you want.

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    I have had a Cold Steel Voyager for somewhat more than ten years. It had been very rugged, durable, and holds an edge extremely well. Less than $50.00 at Knifeworks. Great knife
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    I just picked up a really nice CRKT Convergence folder for $36 shipped. Here is the link:
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    Bill Harsey Knives

    Bill Harsey is arguably the finest knife maker in the world !

    His blades are sought after by most of the SOF community including the graduates of the Army Special Forces "Q" course. They are being given the Harsey/Reeve "Yarborough" fixed blade in the 7" blade lenght. SPV30 stainless steel. You'll not find a better fixed blade on the market.

    His folders are also the most sought after, along with Benchmade autos for those LEO and military.

    Personally I will not own any other knife than Bill Harsey's designs.

    His Tactical folder T3 is what I still carry along with T2 auto

    It can be seen here:
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    Hi my name is Tim and I'm addicted to Knive's and Gun's.

    (Group Response) Hi Tim!

    All joking aside it depends on my mood for the day, I have 2 Microtec's Socom Elite's, 1 Allen Elishewitz custom folder, 1 Koji Hara folder, 4 different Benchmades, 3 different Spyderco's.

    If I'm in the mood for a non-folder I carry a Busse Public Defender or a Cold Steel Tanto.

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