Common items used for defense in a bind??

Common items used for defense in a bind??

This is a discussion on Common items used for defense in a bind?? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another thread got me to thinking about this. I usually have. 25' Stanley Fatmax tape measure on my belt. It would make a last ditch ...

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Thread: Common items used for defense in a bind??

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    Common items used for defense in a bind??

    Another thread got me to thinking about this. I usually have. 25' Stanley Fatmax tape measure on my belt. It would make a last ditch defensive weapon if need be and doesn't draw a lot of attention.

    What other everyday items do you use in places where you are not allowed to carry?

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    I always have a ring of keys in my pocket and wear a belt every day so those are two I have considered to be useful.
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    With a quick look around one may find many improvised weapons. In the kitchen you have knives, cookware (striking weapons) and glassware (broken, slashing weapons). Living room, rolled newspaper (striking weapon, distraction) lamps (striking weapon, cord as a chocking weapon). Garage, way too many possible weapons to name. With a bit of ingenuity no one is ever disarmed.
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    Hands, feet, knees, elbows, keys, pocketknife, pens, pencils, dirt, rocks, sticks, books, newspaper, belt, shoelaces, fingers, coffee or tea, folding chairs, rulers, fire extinguisher, canes, perfume (eye irritant), words (yes, words), I mean seriously, the sky's the limit. Your mind is the weapon, everything else is just a tool...

    In my workplace? Channel locks, wrenches, screwdrivers, ball peen hammers, prybars, stainless tubing... The list goes on...
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    My favorite tools for defense, in no particular order.

    My ice axe, used for gardening, also good for zombie whacking
    Long screwdriver
    Framing hammer
    Pipe wrench, owww that's gonna leave a mark!
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    A walking stick or cane.
    A stout pen, one that won't bend and likely won't break under extreme use.
    Pocket knives.
    Whatever heavier item happens to be lying around that can be gripped by hand ... rock, branch, table lamp, table, chair, ...

    Even without a man-made tool of some sort, there's one's fingers (which make a surprising dent in eyeballs, if you're motivated enough) and the ground (which stuns most folks if they're dropped on their heads onto it). BTDT on a couple occasions of being violently assaulted. Seems to work reasonably well. Presumes you've got the strength to dump someone over onto the ground like that, and presumes you've got use of your hands in that way. But then, if you didn't have use of your hands, few man-made tools are going to help.
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    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    Three possible types:

    1. Objects you bring with you that are designed to be weapons, but disguised so they don't look like weapons. Example: The Sharkie. (Potentially embarrassing if detected or recognized.)

    2. Objects you bring with you that are not designed to be weapons, but which you can use as weapons. Example: Knitting needles. (Plausible deniability if you learn how to knit.)

    3. Objects you do not bring with you and that are not designed to be weapons, but which you "find" and use as weapons. Example: A heavy fire extinguisher mounted on the wall. (Not yours, but you put it to good use.)

    Any plan might include all three, and there are too many other examples to list. A good personal security plan will include a variety of options, in layers.

    John W in SC
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    Nice thread about "unconventional" weapons.

    Anything you can put in your hand can be used as a weapon in some manner. Thinking outside the box benefits here.
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    I'm hard-pressed as I look around the living room to see anything solid which would not make a formidable striking or throwing weapon.
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    During a particularly dull moment at work, I thought about "improvised defense items" at work (no firearms or fixed knives). Anything that can be thrown at a persons face will distract even if it doesn'thit them. It takes an unusual amount of self-control keep from ducking when paperweights, coffee cups or tape dispensers are f!yi g at your head.
    If you throw them in rapid sequence, one could approach or escape nearly any attacker. Although, you do have their attention. Your escape would be less than everyone else's. If you can coordinate with a second person doing the same thing, your chances of repelling an attack more than double. Infantry soldiers are taught to "fire and maneuver" as a team when attacking a machine gun or other dangerous weapon.
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    I don't carry to deter crime. I carry to defend myself!

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    I would throw my redhead wife at them.
    I carry a gun, because a Cop is too heavy.

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    Just about anything you put in your hand, with the right mindset, can prove to be deadly.

    Throw in some proper self-defense training, like Krav Maga, and you're a walking weapon.
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    “Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.”
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    NOVA...200 square miles surrounded by reality
    one can do a lot of damage with a metal pen
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    An icicle, stab at the base of the skull and it leaves no trace. Bull whip, chain saw, pool cue, etc., etc.
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    I think this will become popular especially in Canada. Flag poles in the office

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