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Knife recommendations?

This is a discussion on Knife recommendations? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by buckeye07 Nothing neccessarily wrong with their products In fact, nothing at al l wrong with their products, very good knives indeed. Just ...

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Thread: Knife recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye07 View Post

    Nothing neccessarily wrong with their products
    In fact, nothing at all wrong with their products, very good knives indeed.
    Just bad, bad, bad PR and toxic HR it seems.

    You pay your money and you wear your knife.
    I have a Sog Twitch XL for EDC that I bought before I was aware of the story, many here would chastise me for that. I just hope that one day Sog makes amends on their rotten behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0.02 View Post
    In fact, nothing at all wrong with their products, very good knives indeed.
    Just bad, bad, bad PR and toxic HR it seems.
    Never used one of their products, I'll take your word on that 0.02, although I probably won't buy from them, I'm glad you like your knife. I'm wondering about the questions since the same exact post was done twice with significant time in between.
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    Ya I can honestly say it is hard to break their blades. I know, I broke three of them when I mailed them back to the company pres after he refused on several attempts to get him to appologize for his companies actions.

    Great blades, but not a chance in pergatory will I ever give them a dime of my money.
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    I'd like to throw in my two cents here.

    Now, the following comments are simply my opinion and ideas only. Don't hold me accountable if they don't work favorably for you.

    These days, as we all know by the news frenzy over killings and such, a person should always take self-defense as a must. A person should be ready for anything and be constantly aware. Awareness is the principle and best self-defense tactic that exists.

    Now, there comes a time when a person's awareness is not enough. There comes a time when action must be taken to defend one's self or defend the life of another.

    This is quite a sticky topic and quickly falls into the area of controversial and political correctness which both make me ill. So, I intend to be blunt here.

    There are a slew of laws governing knives and anything that can be used as a weapon. Law enforcement officers can utilize these laws to keep the public safe. Now understand cops have personalities and emotions. At times, even the most professional of cops becomes emotional during the practice of duties. So, be polite, courteous and respectful when dealing with law enforcement and he may not pull out a ruler and measure your pocket knife. Cop an attitude, and I assure you, you'll loose regardless of what you carry.

    With the above things in mind, be wise. If you carry a knife, do not flaunt it. Do not remove it in public. If you pull out a menacing pair of finger nail clippers in this day in time, you'll have fruit loops screeching and running about like headless chickens. So, be discreet with any knife you carry, regardless of the length of the blade.

    When carrying your knife. Stay out of trouble and do not draw attention. A weapon is a huge responsibility. Again, do not flaunt it. The fact that you have a knife on your person (again, regardless of blade length) means that you must obey laws and rules. Do not stand out, show off or trim your fingernails in public. DO not go into bars and drink. That is the lowest level of ignorance. You may be able to handle your alcohol, but we live in a world full of people who can't. You get into a squabble with someone and get busted, the cops find that knife of yours, you go to jail for it, I promise you that. Tell nobody that you carry this knife, even your trusted friends. This is your responsibility. It's not to show off or brag about.

    If the dung hits the fan, you have your knife. I would rather face a trial for defending myself than spend the rest of my life breathing out of a tube because I was unarmed. Be prepared to face public frenzy if you ever have to defend yourself. Be prepared to loose to a system that lacks common-sense and embraces a soft approach to crime. Prepare yourself to hear sympathy for the "victim" that assaulted you to begin with. Again, if you have your self-defense knife, you get to live.

    Ok… enough of my long winded blurb.. my recommendation for a good knife under thre inches and under $50.00

    I like The Kershaw K.O. Storm. Model # K1470ST

    And… for a good carry knife… WARNING… may not suit all laws…

    I prefer the Cold Steel Recon 1 series. They run at the $75 range and the blade is about 4" long. But it's a perfect, discreet carry knife.

    Good Luck,

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    I agree and could use advice on a 4 inch blade folder.

    My family has law enforcement and military on both sides. I agree with what you said. I am considering getting a 4 inch blade folder. I have been so busy with career move prep, starting my side business, etc. I have not looked at the current line up in the knife world lately. I am aiming in the $100.00 range approximately (or even less is better yet).

    Any suggestions?
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