Electric sharpeners?

Electric sharpeners?

This is a discussion on Electric sharpeners? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was looking at the edge craft Chef'sChoice® Pro Sharpening Station 130 for sharpening my kitchen, outdoor, and folding knives. Is this any good? It ...

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Thread: Electric sharpeners?

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    Electric sharpeners?

    I was looking at the edge craft Chef'sChoice® Pro Sharpening Station 130 for sharpening my kitchen, outdoor, and folding knives. Is this any good? It has a 3 step process for Honing, steeling, and buffing/stropping. Given most knives have a specific cant this may only work for some. If it were used on different cants to reset them would that ruin the blade?

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    Geez! You sent shivers down my spine! Seriously, for your kitchen cutlery, its fine. If you have decent defensive/utility straights or folders, if you must have an automated system, it should be one of the little revolving-wheels, with automatic water/lubricant pumps. Otherwise, you'll change the grind, and possibly be getting your edge above the differential heat treat, and/or overheat the blade and remove the treat from the edge. Not a "certainty", but easy to do.

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    The Chef's Choice and Smith's are the only one's that I've seen knife makers approve of.

    They will set a new bevel, but they won't damage the heat treat.

    The big problem with them is overly enthusiastic use and accelerated wear.

    Remember that frequent steeling and stropping can help you avoid having to sharpen (grind off material).

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    Chef Choice 130 is very slick, but for folders and serrated I'd go w/DMT 8" diamond block
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    I recommend the Edgepro Apex. It is not automated, but if you are after the best results possible you will need to spend a little time and develop some skill at sharpening. After about an hour of practice with an Edgepro you will be able to sharpen your knife to SCARY sharpness while preserving the factory angle, whatever it may be. I have owned one of these for the last 7 years and have always been glad I chose it, especially for sharpening quality knives.

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    Had a salesman offer something very very similar to this to my place of work. (college dining hall) Thing did not work at all like advertised.

    The main problem was that the bevel it created was fine for light chopping, but horrendous for any type of fine slicing. Especially if one were left handed.

    YMMV however, since in general the needs of a professional are more stringent than one who only cooks at home. I have not used/seen this particular brand so I can not say for sure, but I do mistrust all automatic knife sharpeners.

    If you are not opposed to manual sharpening below is a link to one very similar to what almost every resturant I have worked at uses. This set up works really well for folders and such as they often have differing blade shapes when compared to standard kitchen knives.


    Also a bit of a tip, regardless of what you decide, a way to make sure the knives stay sharper longer is to only hand wash them with a very mild soap (dawn works great) Standard automatic dishwashing detergent has a great deal of chlorine in it and will take the edge of a knife in no time. (sharper the knife the faster it will dull). Also stay away from ceramic cutting boards (the new popular thing) as they are basically the same as dragging your knife along concrete.

    All in all YMMV, and good luck with the decision.
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    I would think they're OK for your kitchen knives, but I wouldn't let one near my folders or fixed blades.
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