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    Given the fact that the HAK threads are seeing so much traffic, and the fact that some folks will have a "need", more than simply a want, I thought I would post an alternative that I received this week, from a new custom knife maker. Review I posted elsewhere; pics are all his, link to his site below.

    Personally, I was wanting something that could be carried directly in line with my belt, without the down/up angle, ala CP or Disciple, and very slim, to hug the body, and not snag while moving in close spaces(carry in the hospital/around patients without getting "the eye"). Pickle-compatible, or semi-push knife, short enough OAL to not interfere with my belt buckle, and not be pushed out by my hip bone, but somewhat larger size than an HAK

    Got it late yesterday! Thanks Mark! To expand a bit, on what I said earlier:
    yes, this is a compromise piece. Actually, I was thinking "single-edge", when I contacted MAG, based on a wharncliffe model he had. But. Basically, I sent him the info posted earlier, and told him I liked two other blade-styles of his that I have, gave him my price range, and more or less, said, "surprise me".

    Glad I did! Really, really, cool little blade.

    I would like maybe 1/2" more thumb-ramp, as it is really close there. I don't actually have this on a belt, yet, so that perception may change, if an actual draw is indexing my thumb for a more lateral grip- we'll see. Placing it beside my Brock Curvy HAK, there really isn't much difference in overall size, but you get substantially more edge.

    As far as push-daggers, I had the original CS Terminators, and the feel, while slightly different because of the obvious grip differences, is at least as secure. Some modest jabs into particle board show no particular hard-spots, causing me pain, bruising or bleeding. It is a fingerhole knife, so you could lose a pinky, but there is no real grip to manipulate and not much blade to deflect, so... Someone with real edged weapons experience could make much more, or much less of it (depending on which end of the knife they were on), but, like the Lil' Loco or CP, it is what it is.

    Oh, you do have enough grip stub to draw and use pikal, and the straight edge, while not having even the modest claw-profile of the CP or Disciple, offers a good catch-point. I'm going to play with this, since I like the fact that no fingers are near the blade, RG. Downside is, I'm drawing with my pinky ... I'll have to see if its up to the task.

    I've never had a ring-knife, and the grip size was untried from Mark's side, so there is a learning curve, but I'm extremely pleased! Only real caveat I would have at this point is that my hands must be about the same as MAG's, because this feels as good as grips I've melded for myself, and the fingerhole isn't too big, or too tight. If your fingers are more than +/- 3/4-5/8" wide, you might need a slightly larger overall profile (kinda like HAKs, but a bit more forgiving ).

    Lastly, the sheath is excellent, and made to take a small TekLok, use a static cord (you can use a Bro clip, if you have one). I have an in-line belt sheath idea, and kydex, so one of these weekends, I'll have a go. One of my concerns, in requesting this was the "hang" on most center line carry modes. A little blacking on the rivets, and if my idea turns out, it will take a pretty serious look to decide this isn't part of a dress belt.
    Now, DE may not be legal in your area, etc., etc., but Mark will work with you. My problem with him is that I've been in the mode of buying duplicates of my gear, to have failsafes. Mark has so many cool styles out, I have 3 completely different balde styles from him! The pics really don't give "The Derringer" its due. Blade is 2 3/8", and it is extremely comfortable in forward, pikal, and punch modes. Anyone remembering the old Fury fingerhole knives will view this with some trepidition, but not to worry- this is perfectly executed. At the widest,across the scales, it is only about 5/16"! Could not be better if I had the skills to make it for myself!

    His prices are, "Very fair for a custom knife.", to, "Dang, I got a steal!!". The Derringer is one of the latter to me. Mark, aka, "mg", "MAG", is on a few other forums.

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    Nice. Me likes. I did not see that model on his web site. I also do not see any prices. I am definitely going to get one of these.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by utarch00 View Post
    Nice. Me likes. I did not see that model on his web site. I also do not see any prices. I am definitely going to get one of these.

    Thanks for the info.
    That's because its mine! Seriously, most of his things are pretty much "one-of-a-kind". I think he gets more pikal-styles done beacuse of his background and customer base, though.

    Tell him "The Derringer" and/or that you saw my post & he'll know what you're talking about.

    Edit to add: I don't mention price, since this was a custom more or less for me, but its in the HAK range, option-dependant, I imagine.

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    Fine looking little custom i hope it serves you well .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    That's a nice knife & Mark does make nice knives for VERY good prices, especially when you consider they're one-off customs, usually.

    BTW, another alternative, & VERY inexpensive is the Ringer by CRKT. It's a little knife that's has 2 finger rings & 3 different styles of blades. They're 3 1/2"-4 1/2" long with kydex sheaths, great for neck carrying &/or just about any method you can carry a HAK.

    They retail for about $20 & you can probably find them for less. They're plain edge in: skinner, hawksbill, & clip-point styles in 3Cr13 SS.

    I'll admit they are NO WHERE near as high quality as even a Utility HAK or ANY custom knife similar in design. But they get the job done, you're not going to be bothered if you lose it, & much shorter wait.

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    Thanks for the link. His stuff looks great!


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