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$260 ? for an axe?

My $20 camp axe can do the same work...
It's a lot of money, isn't it. I'd spend good money for a knife, especially a folder, because of intricasies of it & a good design AND execution is VERY important (Although Buck/Striders are pretty awesome & not too expensive). But an axe just seems to me to be pretty straightforward, unless it's made out of some "super-steel", which many of these axes aren't (I say "many", but I know some are).

Heck, I read an evaluation of some axes on a knife forum, & the Fiskars hand axe was rated very highly. I "think" they run for around $20-30, & you can get them at Lowes.

Having said all that, I do like the high end axes. But if I bought one, I can't say I'd honestly use it, because I'd be afraid of marring it, it's so darn expensive.