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This is a discussion on What Brand is Best-Knives within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Of the ones you listed, I went with Kershaw. Yeah, I like Benchmade fine, and agree with those who said Spydies should've been a choice, ...

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  • Sog

    19 7.76%
  • Benchmade

    79 32.24%
  • Cold Steel

    14 5.71%
  • Kabar

    8 3.27%
  • Gerber

    17 6.94%
  • Crkt-Columbia River

    14 5.71%
  • Kershaw

    32 13.06%
  • Buck

    9 3.67%
  • Schrade

    3 1.22%
  • Other

    50 20.41%
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Thread: What Brand is Best-Knives

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    Of the ones you listed, I went with Kershaw. Yeah, I like Benchmade fine, and agree with those who said Spydies should've been a choice, but what I like best about the Kershaws is that they run the gamut in the price dept. From mild to wild, Kershaw's got it. Their higher-end knives, like the Spec Bump or the Boa for instance, are made from S30V steel, among the top two of my favorite stainless steels. They are both assisted openers too, and both have safeties so they don't accidentally open in your pocket. They both can be had for around $100 bucks too. Try finding a Benchmade in S30V for $100. I've got an Apparition that I got "cheap" for about $110, and that blade is made of 154CM stainless steel, which isn't junk by any stretch of the imagination, but it has nowhere near the positive properties for blade-making of S30V.

    Kershaw's "camp" knife, the Outcast, is made of D2 carbon steel, nearly unparalleled in edge retention and durability, and for only about $60 to $70 bucks, you can't go wrong. Many of the large camp or combat knives that are made of D2 are going for $300+. The main difference between them and the Outcast is the handle material, which, premium though it may be, sure doesn't impress me as being worth $220+ bucks for an otherwise comparable knife.

    Also, Kershaw's customer service is second to none that I've dealt with. CRKT's is right up there too, but they have gone WAAAAYYY downhill in the materials dept. over the last several years. Benchmade's materials are fine, but overpriced, especially in the low to mid-range quality materials, like the Apparition I mentioned. Spyderco uses a lot of VG-10 steel in their mid-range knives, which ties for my favorite with S30V, but they're not on the list, so I gotta stick with Kershaw.

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    I own:


    But I have to say nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to my Dalton WACO automatic. The overall build, fit, finish, everything makes this a quality blade. You're also talking about $300 some seven or eight years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    I answered "Other" because you didn't list SPYDERCO.

    Of the brands you listed, there is only one I consider of passable quality, and that is Benchmade. (Actually, I consider them of excellent quality.)

    Schrade? CRKT? Kershaw?! No way, guys. Spyderco has those all beat by a huuuuuge margin.
    Spyderco knives IMHO are the best out there, second to the Emerson Benchmades. I've had a fully serrated Delica for a couple years now with with a lot of daily use and it has no play in the blade at all, no wiggle nothing. Nothing like the Clombia River knives, those things wobble around after a month of use, plus i like the 4 ounces of solid steel myself , gives it more balance.

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    +1 Spyderco Endura

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    I voted Other. Several good ones weren't mentioned, most brought up in the various responses here.

    Peeking at the Busse website, I only see one knife offered. Are there other current models or just that one?


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    Swiss Army by Victorinox.
    Al Mar

    Not necessarily in that order, but the Swiss Army has been with me the longest and gone with me in my travels.

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    I've had lots of other makes of knives but now I carry either an Al Mar SERE 2000 or a Mini SERE 2000.

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    the raggedy edge
    is it just me, or is anyone else surprised that spyderco didn't make the list?

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    Not complete without Spyderco

    Can't be a proper survey on this topic without including Spyderco - Do over!

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    Had to go OTHERS. I love Emersons and Benchmade as far as production folding knives go. If you have the $$$$ You can't go wrong with the following:

    C. Reeves


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    Kershaw is my daily every day never get out of bed without it do everything knife. 10 years old been everywhere and just works. But my premier number one favorite hunting, camping, fishing, survival combat, knife bar none is my Equatorian Chile by MercWorxl It is just plain unreal. I have cut wood, rope, skinned, a buffalo, quartered it, whittled marshmallow sticks that evening and still had a 1/4" thick 2 3/4" X 8.5" inch razor blade. I have handled a few high end custom knives in my time and I would easily put my Equatorian Chile up against any high end hand made custom knife I have ever seen, including knives at three times the price. The Chile Pepper Handle needs to be felt to be really appreciated feels like it is a part of you, as weightless as your hand. The ad says
    "The ultimate survival-tool, bred specifically for the harshest survival challenge imaginable. The EQUATORIAN is truly the best of knives, for the worst of times."
    IMO that is an understatement 13 3/4" OAL, 154CM • RC 58 cyrogenically treated each knife is handcrafted by a single craftsman. I would rather be shot by most common handgun calibers than stuck with this thing. It is a stunningly beautiful work of art. If I was a serious knife collector I would start with one of each of MerkWorx models. Sadly I can only afford what I can use. Now for concealed carry I am getting old enough to need a cane and Burger Knive's sword cane is looking mighty nice. Beautiful cane, club and top quality sword all in one handy package. Add the cell phone and XD what more does an old man need to go shopping in the hood?

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    I believe that many of the brands (Benchmade is my second choice) are of excellent quality but with that said my top pick is Emerson.
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    Soque Lev-R-Lok

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    I went for Benchmade. I had an issued auto-opener Benchmade that the AF gave me a few years back. Used that thing from hell and back. Everything from cutting some food to aircraft work. Held an edge for a good long time. Been looking at replacing my aging knife though with another Benchmade, my only problem is when they are free it was great, $250 bucks is a bit of cash that I could use elsewhere.

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